A Cruz crap-fest…..

A Cruz crap-fest….. February 3, 2016


The presidential primary season is firmly engaged with the completion of the Iowa caucuses two nights ago and so far, it’s proven to be a victorious night for the right leaning nut jobs. For those who missed it (although I don’t see how), Donald Trump found himself firmly beaten by Ted Cruz, whose evangelical base of paranoid nut jobs apparently came out in force.

I admit, I’ve been somewhat ignoring Ted Cruz because I’ve been distracted by the outrageous traveling clown-car show that is the Donald Trump campaign. However, his victory in Iowa, while no means always predictive of the eventual nominee, is pretty alarming, all things considered, especially in light of the close race on the Democrat’s side. Why that’s alarming is that I think Clinton could beat Cruz in a general election but I’m not sure Sanders can beat Cruz in a general election and unless Trump runs as an independent, I’m appalled at the very real possibility that Cruz could win a Cruz-Sanders match and end up as president.

As far as I can tell, from reading the content of his own website, part of his platform is as follows:

1. Second Amendment Rights. Protect Americans from the specifically stated threat of Islamic terrorism by reducing or eliminating restrictions and regulations on gun ownership. This plan does not include any recommendations for reducing gun violence which has killed many more Americans since 9/11.

2. Secure the Border. Cruz claims he will stop illegal immigration, apparently by spending billions to build and operate a bigger wall, split and deport families, punish children who grew up as Americans by sending them to dangerous countries they don’t remember with languages they don’t speak, and create a papers-please version of America for anyone who has the audacity to have brown skin inside the borders of the US.

3. Restore the Constitution. This apparently involves rolling back the federal government, which would include destroying the real progress that has been made over the last 50 years to improve working conditions, improve the environment, effect a national defense, and protect cultural, natural, and historical resources. Since this includes abolishing the IRS and therefore eliminating the powers that allow the federal government to collect taxes, that conveniently rolls into the next point.

4. Defend our Nation. Somehow he is going to “rebuild our military” and deploy it without the means of collecting federal taxes. And there is more about border security to protect us from “radical Islamic terrorism” and about bringing the fight to ISIS/ISIL because “what’s best for America is best for the world”. There was nothing on this page about a plan to care for the veterans already damaged by 15 years of wars in the Middle East and other conflicts or about how we can undo the damage we’ve cause to countless innocents.

And there are several more issue statements on his site that I’m still going through and will write about in my next post. I simply had to take a break from his crap-fest.

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