Cruz Crap-Fest Part 2: The Cruzpocalypse

Cruz Crap-Fest Part 2: The Cruzpocalypse February 6, 2016


It took a few days to get the bad taste out of my mouth from my last trip to Cruzville, but there is more stuff in the issues section of his campaign website that I want to discuss.

5. Support for Israel. Cruz talks about full, unequivocal support for Israel and it’s policies and makes clear his anti-Palestinian stance. But what he doesn’t report is the religious foundation behind his support for Israel. Cruz and his ilk believe in bolstering Israel not because they care about Israel or Jews but because of their views concerning Israel’s keystone position in causing the apocalypse and the need to encourage conflict between Israel and other countries in the region to start the wars that will, in their view, get them “raptured”. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there is nothing about mitigating the human rights abuses and suffering that have occurred on all sides in that region and he certainly is not in favor of promoting peaceful resolutions because only conflict will lead to the rapture.

6. Life, Marriage, and Family. Cruz’s vision for marriage and families includes traditional marriage between one man and one woman, the elimination of Planned Parenthood, stopping abortions, and so forth. Basically, Cruz would gleefully roll back years of progress for equality and women’s rights, break up loving families, and eliminate the ability for poor women to get women’s healthcare services, including cancer screenings. He would eliminate family planning to “save the babies” but would let the already born and the future born die by removing funding for access to medical services and nutrition support.

7. Religious Liberty. There’s not much I can add here. His version of religious liberty is to ensure Christians have the right to discriminate and impose their belief system upon the words, actions, and even thoughts of others at any time, in any place, under any context. His vision of America is using the power of the government to ensure Christianity and Christians continue to enjoy special rights and privileges not available to other Americans.

That’s about all I can stomach from his website. Check the rest of it out at your own risk.

The bottom line is that Cruz is simply a monster in a rumpled suit. Anybody who wants to bring so much harm to so many can’t be anything else. He talks about protecting life but would gleefully set the world on fire and kill billions to facilitate his rapture fantasies.

If he becomes president, our country will on the highway to hell, for real.

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