The Brewing Texas (Education) Apocalypse

The Brewing Texas (Education) Apocalypse March 13, 2016


(Editor’s Comment: This photo is proof that harmless looking people can be incredibly dangerous.)

Republican voters in Texas are on the verge of electing a woman to the school board who believes school shootings are caused by the absence of overt Christian prayers and the 10 commandments, that climate change is a hoax, and that teaching evolution supports the “atheist religion”.

This is a potential disaster, not just for Texas, but for every educational system in the country due to the large influence Texas holds over textbook development.

This alarming person, Mary Lou Bruner, appeared on the Republican primary ballot and came within around 1% of winning the party’s nomination for the board seat in a 3 way race and she will now face a runoff election in May.

This train wreck is not something Democrats can fix through voting because of the particulars of primary voting in Texas. In Texas, you declare your party at the polls and vote on either the Republican ticket or the Democratic ticket and once you have done that, you can only vote in the runoffs for the party you chose in the primaries. Therefore, the only people who can vote in this school board runoff are Republicans, who in Texas, overwhelming lean towards the hyper-conservative, evangelical side of the party.

We are so screwed. And more importantly, so are our kids.

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