Trump’s Twitter account goes fully misogynistic (to the surprise of no one).

Trump’s Twitter account goes fully misogynistic (to the surprise of no one). March 24, 2016


If you aren’t appalled by the misogynistic Twitter war between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you either aren’t paying attention or you agree with Trump’s apparent position that a woman’s value is exclusively in her looks. He’s pretty much said it throughout his freak show campaign and now he has visually endorsed it.

I will not link to the Trump retweet that sparked this missive but the gist of it is that someone posted an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife Heidi next to a glamour shot of Trump’s wife Melania to Trump’s Twitter account with the caption “the images are worth a thousand words” and then Trump retweeted it, apparently endorsing the message. This from a man who as he got older, his wives got younger because he has the habit of discarding wives when they get a few miles on them in favor of younger versions.

The tweet is demeaning to both spouses, it reinforces the idea that women aren’t people, just commodities to be exploited for political gain, and it’s embarrassing to have this level of misogyny played out on a national and international stage.

Oh by the way, to the numerous outlets who are writing about this who refer to the women involved as “wives” or “spouses” without even bothering to mention their names, they are Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump because since they are actual people, not talking points, they have names. Use them.

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