Bathroom Battles and Potty Politics

Bathroom Battles and Potty Politics April 27, 2016

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Last night, I had a chance to talk with a couple of folks from North Carolina about the anti-trans bathroom policies in that state. They were complaining about what they described as unfair treatment by the businesses and entertainers that elected to pull their economic activities away from North Carolina and claimed their state was being “misunderstood”. They said all the state wanted to do was to make sure that when women go into a women’s bathroom, the only other people in there are women. They further stated they supported the law because it would keep “predators” from entering that space.

I told them the law was a harsh solution to a problem that did not actually exist.  I asked them to point out what pattern of predatory behavior was being prevented by this law and they said without the law, there was nothing to protect women and girls from men in dresses going into women’s rooms in search of victims. I asked for examples and they had none.  I pointed out that under the law, trans men, who look like men, would now be required to use the women’s room and asked what they thought about that.  Instead of getting a reply, I was told that North Carolina was a biblical state and since the bible doesn’t specifically say that transgendered persons can use the bathroom that corresponds to their identity, then they shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

Well, then, I guess they told me.

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This is all related to Target’s decision to clearly articulate a policy that allows shoppers to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity and predictably, the perpetually-angry-and-afraid right is calling for a boycott.  News flash – it is still, and always has been, illegal for anyone to enter a bathroom for the purposes of committing crimes and nothing about Target’s policy changes that.  All the policy allows is for all persons to be able to discreetly conduct their very private piece of bodily business without exposing them to discomfort, ridicule, or worse. Trans people are not predators and since predators generally don’t seek out victims in enclosed spaces from which they, they predator, cannot easily escape, I think the women and girls of America are as safe in the restrooms of Target as they always have been, at least until this recent development.

I have spoken to a disturbing number of real people who are talking seriously about taking guns when they go to Target for “protection” from what I assume they think are hordes of predator men in dresses. Frankly, I’m much more afraid of people like this than I am of a trans woman brushing her hair and putting on her lipstick.

Please consider signing and sharing this petition in support of Target. I applaud their courage in taking a stand.

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