The Wonders of a Woman Card

The Wonders of a Woman Card April 28, 2016

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According to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton apparently possesses a superpower called “the woman card” that gives her access to political advantages allegedly denied to the male presidential candidates. It is his contention that without this superpower, she would not otherwise be a viable presidential candidate.

I can only assume deployment of the “women card” is a superpower available to all women, but what exactly is the nature of this superpower?  Does it keep women from being sexually harassed at work or on the street? No. Does it keep women service members safe from being raped? No. Does it allow women to interact in public online spaces without being threatened and degraded?  No. Does it allow women to have total medical autonomy over their own bodies?  No. Does it allow trans women (and men) to discreetly take care of their private bathroom business in safety and privacy?  No. Does it prevent women from paying more than men for things like clothing and personal items? No. Does it allow an accomplished professional woman to run for office on her own merits without being dismissed as leveraging her gender in her favor? No.

Since this superpower can’t do any of these things, what exactly can it do?

As it turns out, the ‘woman card” isn’t a superpower wielded by Hillary Clinton, it’s a tactic wielded by arrogant and powerful men like Donald Trump as a means of discrediting and disparaging women in a setting where the usual dismissive and degrading language can’t be deployed.

The “woman card” is a tactic also recently deployed by Ted Cruz, who recently chose Carly Fiorina as his “running mate” because he apparently thinks picking a female running mate so inappropriately early in the election cycle will help his failing campaign. Since this person has displayed nothing but disdain and disrespect for women until now, I can only assume it is a strategic ploy to improve his standing among female voters and is indeed a pathetic attempt to play the “woman card” to his own advantage.

Here’s a news flash for Trump and Cruz – women are not a monolithic voting block whose votes can be bought by a candidate’s gender.

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