The King of America and the Killing of Hope

The King of America and the Killing of Hope November 9, 2016

Trump Tower

I, like half our country, am terrified of what happens next. I’m already grieving for the troops that will be dying overseas a couple of years from now and for the millions of people we are going to kill and displace. I’m grieving for our citizens who will die within our borders, both because our “enemies” have the ability and the motivation to bring the fighting to our soil and because so many millions will lose their medical insurance. I’m grieving for the environment, the climate, and the economy, and for my sweet teenaged stepdaughter who is going to quickly learn that brown skinned Latina women aren’t people, and that her uterus isn’t hers to control. I’m grieving for my gay and transgendered friends who had reason to hope, only to see their hopes killed. I’m grieving for our immigrants and for the people, mostly people of color, who will continue to be fast-tracked to for-profit prisons. Millions are going to die fighting Trump’s wars and we are going to be the villains of the world. We have emboldened the worst people among us, and I’m sickened by all of it.

I completely understand why some think it might be better to leave this country rather than live with what we have collectively done and I totally understand that. However, what’s done is done, and there is nothing to do now but move forward. People of reason simply can’t abandon our country to Trump and those who support him. We have to educate and we have to fight.

Trump thinks he is going to be King of America but our founders set up our government in such a way to prevent such things as kings, dictators, and emperors from exercising power in that way. We know the worst possible scenario has happened; a Trump presidency bolstered by Republican controlled Senate and House, but even under that scenario, our government was crafted in a way to allocate a significant amount of power to the minority parties. Looking ahead, now that we have hit rock bottom, will this be the start of a movement that in four years, will sweep Trump and his supporters out of power and expose them for what they are? And knowing there are plenty of people in the GOP who are nearly as horrified by Trump’s ascendency as the rest of us, will this be motivation for the GOP to clean their own house of the bigots and yes, the deplorables? Will things get so bad that we might actually be able to break the back of the two party system so that other parties can have a real chance?

We have a couple of months before Trump takes power; this is time we need to use wisely, not in despair, but in planning for action. Let this not be the day that hope died.

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