A Plague of Angry Christians

A Plague of Angry Christians December 22, 2016


Yesterday, during a spell when I momentarily forgot how angry Christians tend to be this time of year, I group-texted a dinner invite to a fairly wide circle of reasonably close friends with the intent of making sure everyone had a fun, safe place to be for a holiday meal on Sunday. My text went like this:

Everybody have some place to be and have dinner with on Xmas day? We have room at our place. Just let me know so we can plan food, otherwise everybody have a great Xmas weekend!

This is what I got back in response:

The season is called CHRISTMAS, not xmas, if people are so against the beliefs and traditions of others and for whatever reason you can’t bring yourself to use the word CHRISTMAS, than out of respect for those of us that do believe, use the term happy holidays, there are a few of us who do believe and don’t trample on rights of others to believe in whatever they do, okay?

Wait, what?

This was not long after I verbally told an an acquaintance “happy holidays” at which time he adopted an offended look and loudly proclaimed this:


Believe me, I know what’s going on here. This is a time of year that Christians hold sacred but after years of being spoon fed the false narrative that there is some sort of War on Christmas, they see even the mildest deviations from their desired communication as some sort of attack or insult. That’s because Christianity relies heavily on persecution fantasies and since they aren’t actually REALLY being persecuted (at least in this country), any false narrative that feeds that delusion takes on a life of it’s own.

And what do you get? A bunch of angry Christian people who are anything but Christ-like.



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