Time for Self Care

Time for Self Care February 13, 2017



My apologies for my unexpected time away from this blog.  Basically, the short version of the story is that something awful happened very close to me and it’s been incredibly awful for people I care about. I therefore needed to take some time off for some self care and for the care of others.

Folks, please be mindful of your mental health, both yours and that of those around you.  And if you have suicidal thoughts or someone known to you is having suicidal thoughts, don’t assume it can’t happen close to you because it can.  There are numerous resources to help prevent suicide; please use them.

(Comment:  My picture of my cat has nothing to do with suicide or tragedy; it just makes me happy to look at him and I need some happiness right now. I shared his picture so I could hopefully share a little happiness with you.)



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