August 17, 2019

This morning I took a look at Lori Alexander’s newest fan/cultural enforcer want to be Kathryn of Joy for the Journey again. Kathryn is back on the subject of feminism, and she breaks it down to the simplest of claims. She claims that feminists actively deride and treat like dirt anyone who is a stay at home mom. This is exactly the kind of black and white thinking in the church that does so much harm to so many. Is… Read more

August 16, 2019

Another day ending with ‘day’ so you know what that means? It’s another day that The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander finds a way to twist scriptures into saying what they do not say. That women should have no say in anything, just be cheery dum-dums smiling thoughtlessly. Today alone Lori has put up another anti college meme claiming that college teaches women feminism, sex and drugs. Plus today’s blog post warns you’ll not get a husband if you are not… Read more

August 15, 2019

Today we’re taking a look at  a post from April Cassidy – The Peaceful Wife about what to do when your husband has friends you disagree with. Normally I find April to be not so toxic in her words and advice, but when she gets something wrong, it’s very wrong. This is one of those times when apparently you are only allowed to deal with a husband’s friends one way, pray away his bad friends. This is one of the… Read more

August 14, 2019

This morning I stumbled over Doug Wilson’s most word-salad-y post of all times. I cannot quite figure out what the entire point is. It seems to be that everything women wear is wrong, with shade thrown in over tattoos, clothing, piano playing, concertina playing, and a laundry list that makes no sense at all. Which is saying something because I’d just read another extreme word salady piece at Tim Bayly’s blog. They’re vying for world champ I guess. Doug starts… Read more

August 13, 2019

Quick one today. Here’s a few interesting screen caps. We start off with a quote from Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. Lori defines maturity and the great irony is that she herself is so incredibly offended most of the time. Recently on Facebook women are asking why NLQ focuses on Lori Alexander so much. The short answer is that Lori seems to be the current most prominent female cultural enforcer for Quiverfull. She has the most outrageous and extreme… Read more

August 12, 2019

One of the things we’re seeing happen lately is more attempts by various people to climb up the heap to be the alpha cultural enforcer. Now that both Debi Pearl and Nancy Campbell are getting older and Lori Alexander isn’t far behind them a crop of younger ladies are vying for the position atop that precarious peak. This one recently popped up on our notice by attempting to promote her blog by a) defending Roosh V, an admitted rapist, and… Read more

August 11, 2019

Here we go, another round in Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife spewing yet again against any form of higher education. I had two or three other things I was going to focus on today, then this pops up like a noxious weed right after it rains. The implication from Lori’s words is that Jesus hates college? Take a look at this morning’s little handwritten meme that Lori does. She’s done a pile of offensive ones lately, trying so hard… Read more

August 10, 2019

I’ve been so bogged down in a cold from hell with a high fever this last week or so that I completely missed the fact that Debi Pearl’s book on neuroplasticity is about to drop. It comes out on August 19. If my pieces this week made little sense that was the reason. No Greater Joy published ‘Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity’ by Debi Pearl when real legitimate scientists cannot ever agree what neuroplasticity consists of. Debi thinks she… Read more

August 9, 2019

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies is on a roll right now, continually writing about that subject that is dearest to her heart, the family table. She’s  made it all the way to the shew bread table, and making some pretty ridiculous claims about the bread. She claims God kept it toasty warm and fresh for a full seven days so the priests can eat it, with no explanation about how this happened without turning it into a burnt rock. Logic… Read more

August 7, 2019

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is at it again. He’s sounding off on the tragic mass shootings of this weekend. Just like many people are. The difference is that Larry thinks liberalism caused the shootings and that white entitlement and white supremacy are unrelated. He’s splitting hairs again, this is what white supremacy looks like these days. The secretive oozing around behind the scenes supremacy. First Larry  the hairy man decries terrorism. Like anyone would. But Larry does that… Read more

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