April 22, 2019

For the last four days I’ve been hanging out in my husband’s hospital room in San Jose, at the Hospital Metropolitano. The same place I was taken after my stroke. My husband Jim fell off a short step ladder on Thursday at noon, and that small fall was enough to break his shoulder in two places. One chartered plane ride to San Jose later and surgery to fix it. He is fine. We are home and he is recovering well… Read more

April 18, 2019

There are some things you can truly count on. The sun rising every morning, crazy shoppers on Black Friday and whenever tragedy strikes some Quiverfull Evangelical somewhere is going to invent some sort of elaborate but not entirely rational conspiracy theory surrounding the event. Usually the theory related back to the fact that God is usually punishing some people group. They insist on doing this, even in the face of the fact that many times the most simple explanation for… Read more

April 17, 2019

Found this at Things Godly Women Say and could not believe what I was seeing. Even if I know Lori Alexander is just awful enough to believe women that do not have sex upon demand are sinful. When Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife gets something horribly wrong she takes it pretty far. Lori and followers believe that marital rape is not a real thing at all, just some petty excuse used by non submissive wives. What they miss is… Read more

April 16, 2019

Missed this one until this morning. Apparently Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church has hit something of a major bump in the road. Yesterday he discovered that Bank of America had frozen his bank accounts. They closed Steven’s accounts for the church, and have told him that they’ll send him a cashier’s check for the balances in about two weeks. He is losing it over the fact that this occurred during the Superbowl of Christianity – Holy Week. Plot… Read more

April 15, 2019

by Cindy Kunsman Do some conditions increase negativity without our notice? Researchers investigating sleep deprivation found a powerful causal factor for negativity through Implicit Bias – a negative attitude towards people or the group wherein we categorize them. Stereotypes are misleading, but sleep deprivation makes us more likely to resort to them. When tainted by the Negativity Bias, those who manifest it have no difficulty citing explicit reasons for their grim outlook (usually ad nauseum). Those who fall into the… Read more

April 14, 2019

Occasionally Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles will come up with an idea so odd it gives one pause. Remember all the times when Larry has said that women cannot divorce over infidelity, or lack of sex? His ideas of what does and does not constitute a divorce-able offense are pretty wacky. There are exactly the kinds of theological and mental Twister you might be caught up in by attempting to make every single word of the Bible be literal…. Read more

April 13, 2019

Thinking of calling all of these Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife posts on her Facebook that demonstrate her lack of all reason ‘Amazing Tales With Lori!’ I do apologize for posting a second day in a row about Lori but she earned this spot by her lies about living life without electricity or water. Not that Lori has ever done that herself. I cannot see Lori even glamping (lux camping) much less roughing it in the wildness in some… Read more

April 12, 2019

Every now and then The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander comes up with a list of the forbidden. Many times it is ranting about other women’s clothing choices, like the time she threatened to get a paddle and spank all the women around her husband Ken wearing thong bikini bottoms. Note to Lori: Do not come to Costa Rica because you will die of shock. The thong wearers are everywhere. Unlike Lori I do not care most of the time that… Read more

April 11, 2019

by Cindy Kunsman If we’ve exited the Quiverfull Movement, we know quite a bit about the Optimism Bias and it’s many faces. I used wishful thinking to cope with life, attributing positive qualities to everyone but myself. It’s not so bad if what you’re contending with proves to be positive, but that blessing usually doesn’t extend to the rank and file member of a group. I still contend with the negativity that I learned, often achieving it by idealizing someone… Read more

April 9, 2019

Short post today. I found this today on the “Things Godly Women Say” Facebook page and just had to laugh. If nothing else it shows what a shut in naive person Quiverfull cultural enforcer Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is. No one gets anything for free. Particularly at cell phone companies. Newsflash: The era of the free phone has mostly gone by the wayside along with Model Ts, bouffant hair dos and Tamagotchis. If you end up with a… Read more

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