There Is No "You" in Qivering: He Preferred Crest

There Is No "You" in Qivering: He Preferred Crest April 20, 2009
by Laura


I have seen comments here on the blog that say that Vyckie and I chose this lifestye. That it was a conscious decision on our parts to live this QF/P life. I can only speak for myself and I can attest that it was definitely NOT a conscious decision on my part. I took what was the “frog in the pot of hot water” path. It is said that if you put a frog into a pot of cool water he will be content to sit there enjoying his soak in the “tub”. Turn up some heat under the pot and the frog will not notice. He won’t notice that the water has become warmer and warmer until the water is too hot for him to survive. By then it is too late. He is boiled.

I came into the QF/P lifestyle in much the same way. I let Dale do my thinking for me. I let him interpret the word of God for me. I was supposed to have a “meek and quiet spirit” To me, that meant “give up what you want for him.”

I hate Crest toothpaste. It is waaay to minty for me. It burns my poor, sensitive mouth. I can’t stand it. I prefer Colgate. Dale loved Crest toothpaste. He didn’t like Colgate. I did the grocery shopping. I probably bought 95% of the toothpaste that was ever purchased during our almost 25 year marriage. I ALWAYS bought Crest. I never thought I could buy anything else. I used it for years. And hated it. It wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed to buy Colgate. I had just so submitted my self that I would use a toothpaste that burned my mouth in order to please my husband.

It wasn’t until after I left Dale and I was talking to a friend about this that I learned that I COULD BUY TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF TOOTHPASTE!! It’s as if my development was so arrested in this “submit to your husband in everything” religion that I was trying so hard to practice, that I didn’t ever think that I could have my own tube of toothpaste.


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