Christian Dominionism ~ Part 4: Erik Prince and the Ties that Bind Extremist Politics to Christian Patriarchy

Christian Dominionism ~ Part 4: Erik Prince and the Ties that Bind Extremist Politics to Christian Patriarchy November 5, 2009

by km


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Most everyone has heard by now about the Blackwater corporation (recently renamed Xe due to bad PR) and the staggering criminal enterprise that it has perpetuated in the name of the U.S. War on Terror.  Even such farcical news establishments as Fox have been unable to ignore the veritable shitstorm that has erupted in the wake of the Bush administration over Xe’s unholy alliance with the United States government.  One thing that has not been widely reported, however, is Xe’s Dominionist allegiance, up to and including the fact that its former CEO—and now chairman—Erik Prince, is the biological heir apparent to the U.S. Dominionist community.  

The son of Edgar Prince, whose family fortune funded such early Dominionist organizations as the Moral Majority and Focus on the Family, Erik Prince grew up hobnobbing the wealthy and powerful of members of the Dominionist Christian Right.  Always his father’s son, Prince left his White House internship with the George H.W. Bush administration because he felt that it was too secular—and too liberal.  Influenced by the politics of RJ Rushdoony, Prince felt that it was wrong for White House officials to have any contact with LGBT and feminist groups, including run of the mill lobbying meetings and focus groups. 

Throughout the years, Prince has maintained his Dominionist credentials, reaching out to the Catholic church while remaining a political ally and close friend of the mostly-Protestant Dominionist Right.  As a converted member of the Catholic faith, Prince is now a member of the Knights of Columbus, an organization dedicated to Christian conquest and inquisition that traces its roots to the crusades.  He also maintains active involvement with the Dominionist Family Research Council, a far-right organization which his family started.  Renewed by a commitment to his new faith community, Prince is literally a Christian crusader with an iron sharp focus on advancing Dominionist political goals. 

Nowadays, Erik Prince is arguably the most powerful Dominionist in the world, controlling the world’s largest and wealthiest mercenary army.  Blackwater’s complicity in the criminal torture of U.S. war prisoners has been well-documented for several years now.  Recent allegations of employee intimidation, threats of violence, and involvement in sex trafficking lend a further sinister glow to the organization’s already-disastrous “service” to the Pentagon. 

Even in the midst of the shocking allegations of murder as a means of dispensing with whistleblowers, it is important to keep in mind is that the United States government remains Xe’s most lucrative customer.  Indeed, the degree of legislative outrage that led to a ban on funneling government money to ACORN has never been directed at Xe in response to its far more serious offenses.  Whatever else it has done, Blackwater/Xe has made one thing crystal clear: When they have the power and resources to achieve their goals, Dominionist Christians aggressively promote a dark, oppressive, and horrifically violent future.  Such, it seems, is their New Jerusalem. 


Biography: NLQ forum member, ”km” is a graduate student and activist who knew lots of Quiverfull families while growing up in the American South.   Having flirted with the movement as a young adolescent, she is now a little bit obsessed with unrooting its stranglehold on the American political system and keeping what remains of church/state separation intact.

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