Time Heals All Wounds ~ Part 1: The Model of a Christian Woman

Time Heals All Wounds ~ Part 1: The Model of a Christian Woman March 22, 2010

All beautiful the march of days, as seasons come and go; The Hand that shaped the rose hath wrought the crystal of the snow

This is a story of two very different families and how the Light of Jesus overflowed from one to the other. It is also a story about feeling rejected and very alone, when one family decided to end the friendship with the other.  Time heals all wounds though, or so they say…..

by Shelly Cruz

I have always been known as a free spirit, an extrovert; I see life as an adventure. I made friends very easily and always attracted all different kinds of people. That was before I became a Christian, though. Something happened to me which no one saw coming, not even me.

One morning while at church, I met Cecilia, Cecilia was everything that I desired in my heart to be. Cecilia was very Christ-like and obviously very well discipled. She seemed to me to be the model of a Christian woman. Cecilia had it all in my eyes; a great marriage and many loving and obedient children who loved serving the Lord just as much as their mom and dad did. Cecilia was modest beyond words and perfect in speech too! She never appeared to need to raise her voice to get anyone to hear her. People listened when she spoke. She also had a meek and quiet spirit about everything, even if she disagreed with something.  She seemed so pure and fresh, the kind of woman who never felt out of place. However, I never really knew what Cecilia thought of me, until the friendship fizzled out.

We only knew each other for two years. I did not realize it at the time, but Cecilia was silently teaching me many things about being a faithful servant for the Lord. I felt like I was clueless about so many things because I hadn’t grown up in a Christian home. The only religious instruction I ever got growing up, was an occasional word from one of my aunts. I really had no clue what having a real relationship with Christ was all about.  I had actually hated religion with a passion for many years. It seemed so meaningless and mundane to me. My husband was the first one to ever clearly explain the bible to me and I got saved at twenty-three years of age.

I was curious on so many levels about everything that came out of Cecilia’s mouth, but to my dismay she never shared very much detail.  This bothered me in many ways, and actually kept me awake many nights wondering if Cecilia had some secret hidden past that she too, was ashamed of.  She introduced me to the Quiverful movement and the belief that children are the Lords blessings from Psalms 127. I was very surprised that I was not barren and unfruitful, because I had lived so far from God for so many years. I decided the Lord had a plan for me later in my life.

I’m not even sure how many years Cecilia had been a Christian, but her life illuminated everything I thought “TRUE” Christianity stood for. Secretly, I was very intimidated by Cecilia when we were together, but I never let on how I felt to anyone, not even my husband. I just remained my bubbly self when we were together.

I remember the day that I first met Cecilia and her family.  They just showed up one day at my Independent Fundamental New England church. It was about five Sundays later when I decided to introduce myself to this woman who seemed like a Christ-like vessel. I think I was intimidated by that first encounter.  There was lots of talk within the church about this new family who seemed so different from the rest of the church members.  I was all for different, because I had always been considered different. I was drawn to this family from the get go and wanted to know everything about them.

Later on  Cecilia confided to me that I was the only one who ever reached out to her family and tried to get to know them personally. Cecilia was not blind and deaf; she heard the whispers as her family walked in and out of the pews, she also felt the stares of the congregation as a whole. When she confided this to me, I felt extra special.

I was very drawn to this family and could not figure out why everyone else was not inviting them over to their homes. One look at Cecilia’s family and I knew that I wanted to know and learn everything about them. I wanted to transform my average family into something extra special, like Cecilia’s family. It was as if there was a force pulling me toward this family.

I started out my mission to learn more about Cecilia and her family by extending a dinner invitation after church to them. I did not expect them to accept and was overjoyed when they did. From that day forward a whole chain of things took place between our families.

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