OneNewsNow ~ "Pro-Family" Christian newswire: "Birth-control pills are just as damaging as abortion."

OneNewsNow ~ "Pro-Family" Christian newswire: "Birth-control pills are just as damaging as abortion." August 11, 2010

“Two Christian family advocates are speaking out against birth-control pills, saying contraception goes against biblical teachings about having families.” ~ OneNewsNow

by Vyckie Garrison

Hat tip to NLQ reader, Tim Williamson of The Blue Frog, for bringing this news item to my attention, saying: Saw this on OneNewsNow, the “news” arm of the AFA (Acting Fundamentally Absurd.)

The Bible and Birth Control

The article details “family advocates,” Geoffrey Botkin’s and Doug Phillips’ Quiverfull ideal “that birth-control pills are just as damaging as abortion.”

“As the fertilized egg tries to implant, it’s not able to do so. And so then, an abortion occurs,” he explains. “The people who [were] behind the creation of the pill back in the 1950s, they knew this, but it was not their concern to preserve the life of a child.”

Phillips warns that without a cultural return to God and God’s teaching, the issue will continue. “Unless we go back to the Bible right now, we will never be able to handle the complex issues that are coming around over the next ten years,” he states.

The Vision Forum Ministries president explains that “our daughters are going to be asked by their physicians whether they want to carry their child or put them in external wombs, which have been created by the scientific community so that women no longer have to carry babies.” He also reports that “we are going to be able to genetically alter and manipulate what our children look like.”

“We are moving in directions called Transhumanism, which is an evolutionary vision to see people move from the natural state that God has created them to some sort of hybrids and higher evolved forms of human beings. The ethical conundrums are simply gargantuan,” Phillips concludes.

Ack ~ !

I used to follow OneNewsNow and reprinted their articles in the “pro-life, pro-family” newspaper that I started to support our family. Back then, it was called AFA News.

The thing is ~ even though Quiverfull is a comparatively small segment of Evangelical Christianity ~ its ideals are making massive inroads into mainstream thought via these “pro-family” organizations such as the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc.

So even though the majority of Christians will have their reasons why they are using birth control or why they are not homeschooling their kids ~ if you ask them what the Bible actually says on the matter ~ most will admit that the truly Godly family would  trust the Lord with their family planning, homeschool, etc.

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