A Woman's Place

A Woman's Place October 31, 2010


Sunday Night” ~ an Australian news program’s expose of Above Rubies and Quiverfull, features Colin & Nancy Campbell and includes an interview with Vyckie Garrison and her oldest daughter, Angel.

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  • beautyforashes

    Very good expose. In many ways, they were kind.

    I had some experiences with Mrs. Campbell myself. Very powerful woman, no doubt about that. It is heart-breaking, though, what she is teaching and the hypnotic effect she has on women. 🙁

  • Persephone

    Every time Nancy opened her mouth, I got sick chills all through my body. That woman is evil, evil, evil.

  • lisbet

    I just got a terrible vibe from Nancy…. she came across as somewhat hypnotized. Something in her eyes just worried me. Vyckie, you on the other hand are a joy to listen to. Thank you for being such a great, articulate voice for reason.

  • beautyforashes

    Nancy may not be aware of it, on a conscious level, but she *is* hypnotizing her audience. Back when I was in the movement, I thought it might be proof that she was called by God—she was “anointed” with the power of God. The other women who heard her commented on the same thing, this power that she had, her presence literally radiating it. Now I understand differently. She is a very powerful person, naturally, with an electric presence, in person, and is very very skilled (again, likely not on a totally conscious level) at manipulating her audience, at hypnotizing them, at shutting down their critical thinking as she communicates what she wants them to think. Now…I find it very frightening.

  • t0r0sebud

    Vyckie, I am so glad you had the courage to escape this cult. I have been reading your blog for a while and it was good to hear your speaking voice. You are so pretty and young looking now. Wonderful what happiness does for the soul. Cheers.

  • I am just SO glad this group is FINALLY being exposed for the cult they are. I attended an Above Rubies camp about 12 years ago and although they were signs of their beliefs in the magazine at the time, I was shocked by how full-on the camp was. Nancy came across as very fake with her saccharine sweet voice. She took a Scripture and twisted it – Romans I think – something about the women leaving their “natural way” and she said that was because we don’t breastfeed anymore, yet when you read it in context, study the original language etc, it clearly refers to homosexuality! At the end of the camp she wanted to pray for everybody … my friend and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    It was at that time God gave me a yearning for a non denominational, Australian, Christian women’s magazine that was not off on a tangent, pushing a particular bandwagon (as AR does) … 3 months later I started Footprints magazine, which is still going strong! I don’t normally tell people this part about how/why Footprints started, but we have had many readers/women tell us that as AR has gone off track, God has raised up others to do what He wants – encourage His girls through the pages of a magazine.

  • AndreaS

    I still feel sick from watching that video. To me, Ms. Campbell didn’t come over as a strong but more as a “fake” personality, as if she were under drugs. (Maybe that’s why she never stops smiling.)
    Still, she was very present while she was speaking, and of course, the QF movement puts its fingers in some wounds of “today’s society”. We ARE undervaluing women’s work at home and with their children. I can absolutely relate how the QF message speaks to women at some level – which is probably what makes it so dangerous.

  • dragonfly

    It’s gone. They’ve pulled it. Did anyone rip it before it went?

  • Jennifer

    You can still watch it here:


    Scroll down a bit to the Video Archive and click on “A Woman’s Place”.

    Nancy Campbell–ugh.

  • Pepsi

    Same old misogynism – different packaging! When I studied Human Rights, I watched a story about child brides in Ethiopia, and was horrified that the religious leaders condoned marrying a girl of 10, though often as young as 7, to a man in his twenties, to become his sexual slave. Their comment was along the lines that it was important to marry girls off young, before they got older and “promiscuous”. I ask you, if all the men are so perfect, who do they have to be promiscuous with?

    This whole doctrine – whether it is QF, islam or ethiopian child brides – all have the same thing in common – the desire to dominate women. THAT is the lie that Satan wants us to believe – that women aren’t valuable and have to be imposed upon by men. That isn’t what the Bible teaches and it is about time the churches started speaking up for true equality.

    I agree that “women’s work” is undervalued in our society, but we need to bring balance, not error, to our doctrine.

  • nolongerquivering

    My brain’s been kind of dead lately ~ but after watching the Sunday Night segment on the Campbell’s ~ I have to write down a few thoughts:

    First ~ I woke up Sunday a.m. to an inbox FULL of encouraging and supportive notes from Australians who had watched the episode while we were sleeping over here. It really was so good to receive all of those positive comments. Wow ~ Aussies are awesome ~

    (I did tell Mike Munro and Rebecca, the producer, to be sure and mention on their show that if any Aussies wanted to adopt a slightly quirky ex-Quiverfull family, we’re available ~ I’ve been trying to get NLQ’s Arietty to take us for a while now ~ LOL)

    That interview actually took place quite a while back (notice it was winter and we had a snowstorm here which had the Australian television team FREAKED OUT ~ apparently, they had never encountered snow before, so while we were thinking, No big deal ~ they were thinking, BLIZZARD! How do we get outta here?!!

    Mike Munro ~ what can I say? I wrote about the interview the morning after the crew was here: http://nolongerquivering.proboards.com/i…&post=8934 ~ and in the NLQ chat room, I predicted to Arietty that the program was going to be a Campbell-bash ~ and it turned out to be exactly that.

    I don’t watch much TV at all ~ haven’t for about 25 years now ~ but I’m pretty sure this sort of program would not happen here in America. Maybe some of our new Aussie readers can explain how Mike Munro can do an obviously biased piece like that and not lose credibility? I was under the impression that Sunday Night is a popular, respected TV program ~ about the equivalent of our “Nightline” or “60 Minutes.”

    Quite a few readers have stated that the program was sensationalist and contained numerous factual errors. I am not surprised, given that Mike and his crew seemed almost clueless about the Quiverfull movement ~ still, it’s pretty wild that they didn’t check basic facts, such as that Above Rubies started in Australia/NZ ~ and then moved to the States.

    After watching “A Woman’s Place” ~ the one overwhelming feeling I have is that of being completely blown away by the realization that when I met Nancy Campbell in person ~ spent three days with her in California at an Above Rubies retreat ~ I was not at all freaked out by her. She did not seem bizarre to me in any way. In fact, I was in awe of Nancy ~ and inspired by her obviously deep faith and spirituality.

    The thing is ~ at that retreat, Nancy said all the same stuff which she says on the Sunday Night video ~ that wacko “womb man” crap, the utterly ignorant statement about women being educated beyond their intelligence ~ plus, at the retreat Nancy went on extensively urging us to present our BODIES as a living sacrifice ~ I listened to all of it and ate it up!! It never entered my mind to think, this woman is absolutely crazy!!

    Quiverfull is a total head trip ~ and now that my mind is no longer stuck in that narrow-minded, fundamentalist way of thinking ~ I watched Nancy Campbell ~ and was horrified at her words ~ and her demeanor!! I cannot believe that I was ever inspired by that woman ~ and I disagree with anyone who says the Sunday Night crew edited her talks to make her appear like a crazy woman ~ I’ve seen Nancy Campbell in person ~ and she is EXACTLY like that.

    Honestly ~ it’s mind blowing to realize that I really did not see how obviously freakish Nancy is ~ and how malicious her teachings are with regard to women. Above Rubies is purported to be all about elevating the status of women in their roles as wives and mothers ~ but in reality, Nancy Campbell despises women ~ considers them stupid, unworthy, inferior ~ she belittles women’s very nature while she’s preaching to them about how valuable they are as “womb man.”


    Toward the end of the program, Mike Munro said that I thank God every day for having gotten out. While it’s a nice sentiment, this is another inaccuracy as God and I have not been on speaking terms for several years now. I am indeed grateful ~ but in my mind, it’s not just a teaching, a movement, or a mindset that I left behind ~ what I walked away from was a Being ~ “The Big Guy” ~ as I’ve come to refer to Him ~ the QF/P fundamentalist, “God” of the patriarchs. I consider leaving that abusive Bully to be my great escape.

    I probably have more ~ but my brain just went dead again ~ sorry but I haven’t been feeling well lately and it affects my thinking ability. So ~ just one more ~ totally superficial thought: While watching the program, I did not even notice my unpolished nails and can’t remember what I was wearing. So ~ if I do another TV interview ~ I’ll try not to fuss so much over those things. 🙂

  • The link does not always work, but if you go to the site there IS a working link to the video. Great job, Vyvkie!

  • beautyforashes

    Yes. The program got a lot of facts wrong, but when it came to Nancy herself, was spot on. She really is that way. That really IS how she talks. That really IS what she says. At our particular retreat, in fact, she went on for a bit about the uber-conservative woman who was running for governor and told the women there how it made her sad to see a woman give up her high calling of being wife and mother in order to go into a place of leadership that God didn’t create her for.

    And, yes, when you are in the movement, she doesn’t seem creepy at all, but the opposite: she is amazing and you stand in awe of her, and her hypnotic voice washes over you and you know that everything is going to be all right (if only you just work harder, do more, work harder, do more)…

  • She strikes me as patronizing. She uses that saccharine voice, as if she were talking to a room full of kindergartners, and she explains slowly and clearly what the word “woman” is supposed to mean as if none of her audience had ever heard it before. I really have to wonder about her definitions and whether she’s ever actually researched the etymology of the word. She doesn’t appear to give any support or evidence for her point of view, she just goes on about it in that self-assured, patronizing, sweet little hypnotic voice.

    I was also really unnerved by the way they talked about Angel and how they hardly knew her, she was just hired help. It sounded very duplicitous.

  • I’m one of the Aussie viewers, the program stirred me up so much I wrote a blog post about it, which you can view here: http://footprintsaustralia.com/blog/2010/11/01/quiverfull-and-above-rubies/. Mind you, this is not the first time AR has stirred me to action (but not in the way they were expecting!)… as you will see when you read the post LOL!!!

    If a woman’s place is in the home, how come Nancy can run AR?

  • PS Vyckie I am so sorry these people have turned you off God, that is one of the problems I have with this group.

  • grannieannie

    I was horrified at the programme & the deception of Quiverfull.
    I am very sad though that you have also “escaped” from the Big Guy. I am pretty sure that He is just as distressed about all this misrepresentation as other “normal” Christians are!!!!!

  • Emily

    I am an Australian and the episode was fairly standard for Australian special interest stories. We don’t have as large a population as America so there is often a standard accepted opinion, the media is happy to keep to that opinion, there is very little acceptance of anything outside of that. The facts don’t matter as long as they are pointing out and tearing down something outside of the accepted norm. Biased reporting is just what happens, thats why it’s so important to find out the facts yourself here. We don’t have the same variety as America does, for example the idea of attending a church that supports children staying in service and supports homeschooling is a dream here, that church does not exist, we basically have the choice between catholics and penticostals, there’s not enough people in a close enough vacinity to each other for anything else. Most ‘quiverfulls’ in Australia either homechurch, which is still pretty rare, or just attend penticostal services and correct percieved errors of doctrine at home, which is what my husband and I do.

    Having said that, this story was worse than even I expected, and I hope my father did not watch it or we may have some problems to deal with, as I have used the term quiverful and the name above rubies in the past without explaining the actual movement. I do not associate myself with quiverful because of the loud extremists that take it too far, but I hold many of the same beliefs that come under the quiverful umbrella. I follow your website because I want to ensure I don’t get sucked into the extreme end of quiverful and find it helpful to read the other side of the story and see where it differs from my beliefs. I think it’s good to question your own beliefs from time to time, so that you know why you believe something, not just that you do.

    In that context, I think even you would agree quiverful does not look like he described, even in the case of extremists he was pushing it, but many of us wouldn’t even come close. Quiverful as a term is basically unheard of here (or was, until sunday night), we were just large conservative families, so this will be the first, and in many cases only, impression a lot of Aussies will have of us now. I wouldn’t want to be a mum of many walking into the shops this week, I doubt the looks and comments will be particularly uplifting. I only have my first on the way, so I won’t have to worry about that.

  • Emily

    BTW, The way Nancy speaks has always creeped me out too. I honestly think it’s just her personality, my best friends mother speaks very similarly, but while I agree with Nancy I’m not sure I could sit through a session of her speaking without feeling weirded out.

  • enlightenmentgirl

    From the etymology online dictionary (my link to the Oxford English Dictionary didnt’ work):The word “woman” originates from the late O.E. wimman (pl. wimmen), lit. “woman-man,” alteration of wifman (pl. wifmen), a compound of wif “woman” (see wife) + man “human being” (in O.E. used in ref. to both sexes; see man).

    “Womb” had nothing to do with it. Dishonest, saccharine, manipulative witch.

  • Steffanie

    The Sunday night program on Quiverful really disturbs me as a Christian. Nancy advocates that women, regardless of education and talent, should become baby making machines and brainless bimboes, who want to do nothing else than to submit Stepford like to their husbands. Women are intelligent human beings who are also made in the image of God. I personally believe that access to contraception is a basic human right.

  • Jennifer

    Generally, men have more upper body strength than women, right? So clearly a man’s highest calling is construction work, or other “brawn” work. God gave them the biceps!

  • Laura

    I’m not Australian, but I wanted to reply to you, Emily, because that is exactly the reason I come here too. It’s a good checks and balances, if you will, to remind me of the extremists in every group. I wouldn’t necessarily identify myself as “quiverfull”, though some of our beliefs do fall under that heading. Our goal as a family is to follow after God, wherever that leads us. 🙂

  • Donna

    It doesn’t take a mental health professional to see that Nancy Campbell is 100% delusional and is a menace to women. Enter at your own risk as it pertains to Quiverfull.

  • donna

    That’s the thing, Nancy Campbell, Mary Pride, Michelle Duggars, and the rest of the Quiverful charletons have this “Quiverfull” schtick going on as a way to make money. This whole submitting to their husbands and becoming fundie Stepford wives is all part of the whole enchilada. I dare any three of these women (these women are just a very small sample of the liars and deceivers in this movement, cult, whatever we classify it as – I classify it as cr*p), to not take money for their efforts in perpetrating and perpetuating this cottage money making industry. They are rewarded financially for leading innocent and naive women into this debachery.

    I thank God every day that I was never pulled in by the Quiverful movement, mostly because I saw my own aunt go into a mental institution in the 70’s and receive electro-shock therapy due to the patriarchal lifestyle she was naively involved in. I saw the damage that it did to her (we lived with her and her husband, so I saw first hand how she suffered), so there was never any chance of that.

    However, I posted with women (of large families) who adored mary Pride and her books. She was their shero. She seems to be one of the forerunners of this whole movement. Oddly enough, I’ve found that most of the women I posted with who were involved in the movement who are my age (upper 40’s) have either left the movement with tattered marriages, messed up bodies, and messed up kids, or they’re stuck and miserable. Seems that once they pass their fertility state and are no longer able to have babies, they feel that their life is worthless to a large degree. Some of them then start in with the foreign adoptions. Most are on some sort of welfare and other government assistance as they gave up their livelihood and careers in order to live this QF lifestyle.

    I’d like these three women mentioned above as well as all the other leader women who have done a disservice to these women to pay them financial restitution for the pain and suffering they’ve caused them. Fat chance of that happening, but still, that would be a good start.

    This piece on Nancy Campbell and her craziness really makes my stomach turn and turns up my anger. Good heavens, just take a look at this crazy lady and look how she’s talking to the sheep as if she was hypnotizing them. Anyone who is not involved in this or taken in by her lies and propoganda can see that Crazy is what she exudes. Honestly, she is sickening. What sickens me the most is that young women who are looking for answers are sucked into this life and they won’t know what they got themselves into until they’re well stuck in a situation that is almost impossible to get out of.

  • Persephone
  • Common Sense

    HA! I’ve known Nancy for 15 years and she is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. Do not judge someone unless you know them. This video, by the way, is a complete lie. Don’t believe it. Also, it make Nancy and Colin out to be leaders in Quiverfull, when if you actually knew them, you’d know that they weren’t even a part of quiverfull.

  • Common Sense

    Nancy is a very smiling person. If you knew her you’d know that’s just how she is. She is so real and down to earth. You all are so judgemental towards someone you don’t even know. I feel the need to stick up for Colin and Nancy because this video has taken the Campbells and distorted their ministry. I hope and pray that this lie will be exposed. I have no doubt that Quiverfull is legalistic, but Nancy and Colin are not a part of Quiverful. This video makes them out to be one and the same and they aren’t.

  • Common Sense

    Men are not “superior” to women, as this video stated, they are the head of the household. Just because you are the head does not mean you are worth more than the rest of the body. A father is like the President of the United States, he is the leader, but also the servant of his country. His job is to listen to the country and do what he thinks would be best for them. That is what Colin and Nancy believe. They do not believe that men are superior to women. This video made me sick. It’s the biggest lie I’ve ever seen about Colin and Nancy.

  • Common Sense

    I love how this video portrays Colin and Nancy as being the type who only allow their daughters to do “womanly” things, when in reality, their 2 daughters had a popular Christian band and toured and everything. And, one of them was a mother. I guess that their granddaughters dressing up in camo and playing with the boys in the woods was just my imagination.

  • smarias

    When I click the link I get a message that says “Sorry but the video is no longer available.”