Visionary daughters quiz

Visionary daughters quiz November 21, 2010

Over on the NLQ forum, we’ve all been taking Visionary Daughter’s “Are You A Fool?” quiz ~ it’s annoyingly hilarious ~ and I thought No Longer Quivering readers who aren’t on the forum might like the chance to join in on the fun.

Here’s question #1:

How do you respond when criticized/corrected?

1) I hate it! I get angry and defensive.

2) I usually laugh it off. (Sometimes I roll my eyes.)

3) If I get criticized for the same thing enough times, I usually start to take it seriously..

4) I’m thankful for the smallest hint of reproof and take it very seriously.

Take the Quiz!!

What do you think? Post your comments below ~ or join the forum to participate in this and many other interesting & engaging conversations.

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  • KC

    Most people don’t fit into these little boxes. Curious I looked at the quiz, found it silly. None of the “answers” to what I do or don’t do applied.

  • Happy Heathen

    Hilariously leading and poorly written.

    I got a “D”. I’m surprised I scored that high. 😉

  • cayenne

    I scored an F. Go, me!

  • Staceyjw

    I am embarrassed to admit I got a B, but I think this is mostly because most of the questions were so ridiculous there was no choosing them. This little quiz really shows what they think about the rest of the people in the world. pretty sad and very twisted.

  • Christine

    I scored a “D.” Loved the number of “shepherding” responses – i.e. 3 that weren’t what you were “supposed” to answer in order to get the “right” answer.

    It would be funny if it was satire, but actually, it’s rather scary. Because there’s people who take it seriously.

  • KC

    I think that is the scary part– that people take stuff like this seriously. I have no idea what I might score because I would have checked — NONE of the above apply. There isn’t even a best choice since none of these stupid little boxes are conducive to forming or maintaining healthy relationships.

  • AndreaS

    I scored a D – oh my poor children, having me for a mother.
    The question about the relationship with one’s parents was really interesting. So if the parents “seem embarrassed” that’s only the daughter’s responsibility? Hmmm. Indeed, “rather scary because there’s people who take it seriously”.

  • Persephone

    I didn’t make it past question 5; it was just too annoying. The question about why people come to me really ticked me off, as the answer should have been all of the above: I’ll dish dirt, get snarky, help with a problem, build someone’s confidence, etc. I’m afraid I often don’t let the snark through online.

  • Val

    And I pity the fool. How very Mr. T….

  • JLeigh

    This is the only “F” I’ve ever gotten in my life that I was proud of! Ha! Take that you self-righteous twerps! (I say to the people who wrote the “quiz” not the folks on this forum, natch!)

  • mmmKay

    I got a D… but the best option was, “I may not know a lot about theology stuff– but I know about being cool.” Something like that.

    Because rebellious and foolish children are always concerned with being cool. So concerned that they completely dismiss everything else about life and refuse to describe what makes them cool/ what cool is. Clearly, kids as cool as them don’t have to explain. They’re just too cool for school. [end sardonic and sarcastic rant]

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    LOL, that answer was my favorite too! It reminded me of the really cheesy anti-drug videos I got shown in D.A.R.E. as a kid, with the people saying stuff like “I know smoking pot is bad and stuff but, hey, it makes me cool!” (Not surprisingly, none of my adolescent experiences with being offered illegal or controlled substances involved anyone saying to me “Smoke this! It will make you cool.”) It’s the same assumption that anyone who doesn’t share your value system obviously only cares about superficial things and social acceptance. I snorted at those videos when I was 10. I can’t believe any girl can actually take statements like the one on that quiz seriously but obviously, they can.

    I got a C on the quiz and probably only scored that high because I happen to get along quite well with my parents, who I guess are just as foolish as I am. At least we’re cool!

  • denelian

    my biggestproblem is the verses they’re quoting OUT OF CONTEXT!

    oh – and that i only got a B. because, erm, i don’t follow the Bible or Jesus, so OBVIOUSLY i can’t be “good”

    there’s a similar quiz, somewhere, where it’s asking if you’ve ever broken any of the 10 commandments. it prefaces questions with definition.
    so, it says “Have you ever committed murder”
    and i click no. then it says. “Have you ever hated someone?”
    well, no. i click no. then it says “Have you ever been angry at someone?”
    well – yeah, who hasn’t? it says “Unjust Anger is HATRED. Hatred is MURDER. you have broken this commandment, come to Jesus to confess…”

    what?! “Unjust Anger” would be anger that is not justified. to my knowledge, i’ve NEVER been angry without a reason. further, it’s a trick question, because it just asked about GENERAL anger, then applied the “Unjust” label to ALL anger. WTF?

    i need to learn to STOP taking Fundy quizes – they DON’T live in the real world!!

  • Emily

    Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. The path to the dark side that is.

  • Jeanette

    Agree with JLeigh above…this is the only F I’ve ever gotten that I’m proud of 🙂 Definitely a terrifying quiz. Expecting anyone to follow and subsequently enforcing those “rules” is clearcut abuse.

  • RJ

    I don’t understand why everyone hate’s the Botkins. I have met them and the Phillip’s family and they are the SWEETEST most godly family I have EVER met! We know lots of Christian families including the Erber’s and can I just say I look up to these families alot??

    I don’t understand. This isn’t abuse. I’m a teenager and I’m also a Christian and I’m proud of it.

    I feel sorry for you. My parents are NOTHING like this. I have guy friends, I can wear jeans, I don’t raise my younger siblings, I am planning on going to college and be a professional photographer.

    AND GUESS WHAT? I’m a Christian, I’m homeschooled, I’m the oldest of 8, and I’m a teenager!!!!! **GASP!!**

    Not all Christian homeschooled families are like this. I’m not brainwashed, I’m not ignorant, and I’m not stupid. I love my family and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  • Independent Thinker

    RJ I hope the whole college thing works out for you. Please understand the Botkins preach againist higher education for women in particular. They see college for women as silly and unnecessary because they are steadfast in the belief that women have a sole purpose in life being married and reproducing. When clearly the bible says that to be single is a perfectly sound path.

    To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am. 1 Corinthians 7:8

    The Botkin girls website Visionary Daughters goes into great detail on exactly how they feel about higher education for women. Feel free to reference it should you question how the Botkin girls feel about the lives of women.

    Within the the defintion of abuse the term “meant to cause pain” is present. To deny a woman success, happiness, and fullfillment will undoubtedly cause pain in her life. If you truly believe what the Botkin family preaches then you would understand that they want women to have no path. Instead, to ride in the shadows of first her father and then her husband. If she ever gets one that is. Both the Botkin girls are in their late twenties and still waiting on Mr. Right. Sarah Mally another member of the quiverfull movement in in her thirties (I am pretty sure she is 33 now, if not she’s 32) again is a lady in waiting. If you can explain to me how sitting around for three decades waiting on a perfect godly husband to show up brings joy please feel free to fill me in. Obviously these women are brainwashed if they are repeating the same behaviors for spans of 10 to 15 years without getting the results they desire yet continuing the same patterns. The defintion of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Technically this thread was about the quiz put out by the Botkin girls titled “Are You A Fool?” After answering 13 of the most loaded questions possible I scored a perfect “F”. As a bonus I got to read several bible quotes taken totally out of context. Most of them used the word “he” or “him” so I can only assume they don’t apply to women since the bible must be taken literally and without question. (Feel free to use sarcasm detector on last statement).