NLQ Open Thread: Sorry to be so quiet …

NLQ Open Thread: Sorry to be so quiet … January 8, 2011
Hi, Everyone ~ just wanted to let you all know that I have not been doing so great lately which is why it’s been so quiet here and on the forum.I’ve had an almost-perpetual headache that won’t leave me alone. So I’m just trying to keep up with everyday stuff ~ and I really don’t have the energy or presence of mind for it. Ugh ~ I really hate when my physical stuff interferes with my ability to think.

On Thursday, I had a “minor procedure” ~ to remove a suspicious mole from my breast ~ it wasn’t really a big deal ~ except that now I have a lesion which is uncomfortable and itchy and distracting.

Last night, we had Heather and her family over for dinner ~ just a few minutes before they arrived, Andrew came home from the YMCA with a broken wrist. Ugh. He didn’t need a cast ~ but the fracture is on his left wrist and he is left handed ~ so it’s hard for him cuz he naturally wants to use that hand and when he does ~ it hurts. Sad

It was so weird looking at Andrew’s x-rays. I have looked at hundreds of x-rays ~ all of them from Berea, Chasse and Hazelle (and myself, of course) who have this bone condition ~ so the bones are always covered with cauliflower-shaped bumps. Andrew’s bones are so straight and smooth ~ it was easy to spot the fracture cuz it was the only dark spot on an otherwise perfectly white bone. On the girls’ x-rays, there are so many abnormalities ~ we’d have had to really study the films to figure out what was “normal” bone spur stuff and find a break. The contrast just kind of freaked me out ~ I realized how accustomed I am to seeing bumpy bones on x-rays ~ and now I think I understand why the doctors that I first took Chasse to were so fascinated by her x-rays. I’m glad that I took their interest as an indication that those doctors didn’t have much experience with this bone condition ~ and so sought out a facility where the doctors see these lumpy, bumpy x-rays all the time and were not impressed with Chasse’s x-rays at all.

Anyway ~ I don’t know why I wrote all that. It just got me thinking that it’s possible to be so used to abnormal, deformed stuff ~ that when you encounter the healthy and normal ~ it seems bizarre.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting soon. We have planned three more installments in the Steadfast Daughters series: KR Wordgazer is working on a piece about Legalism ~ Daisy will be writing about “Own Your Own Stuff” ~ and I am going to conclude the series with “Spiritual Abuse.”

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