Family Man, Family Leader: Created to be His Help Meet – Help I’ve Created a Monster. Part 1

Family Man, Family Leader: Created to be His Help Meet – Help I’ve Created a Monster. Part 1 April 3, 2011

by LivingForEternity

My husband and I met at work. We were both recovering from failed marriages, and were friends for a long time before we started dating. After having a failed marriage we were both determined not to let another one fail.

We had two kids within nineteen months. That was fine as we wanted several children. He worked a lot of hours so I was a very capable manager of our home. I could feed babies and fix water leaks. I did not find it necessary to ask him about every single thing I did. If something needed fixing or doing I took care of it if he wasn’t able to. We were partners. However, as the children began to approach school age I began to question whether I wanted them to go away every day. I had quit work by this time, and really loved my kids.

It was decided that I would home educate them. Both of us are college educated, and we felt confident that this would be possible. I was not into a whole bunch of character stuff. I just liked my kids and wanted to be with them. As I began to get involved in a local home school group I was introduced to some ideas I had never heard of before. I met a lot of women who were very different from me. They seemed to be so calm with their many children. They had never worked and many were not college educated.

As I said before I was very independent. I was in no way co-dependent on my husband. I was a very capable person who could take care of most anything I had to. My new “friends” saw this and sought to “help” me. One of those helps was Created to Be His Help Meet.

Little did I know this would almost destroy my marriage and me. My husband was a very reserved, and in control type person. He was very respected in his job. He was someone I totally trusted. However, this type of personality needs humbleness. I was his balance. I would not allow him to rule over me, I was his humble. But at the same time he was my rock that kept me from just flying away. We were a perfect balance.

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