Michael Pearl Defends "To Train Up a Child" on CNN

Michael Pearl Defends "To Train Up a Child" on CNN October 29, 2011

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  • Stacey Westover

    Is there a link? your video wont load.

  • nolongerquivering

    Unfortunately, the settings have been changed from YouTube so that the video can’t be viewed from embeded blog posts. If you click the play button – it will show you a link that you can click to watch it on YouTube.

  • Angela

    CNN can’t be expected to much right. Remember their major blunder with ANderson Cooper and Dr. Gupta covering the hoax called Amanda Baggs? Yep, CNN has NEVER corrected this colossal media f up. Nor has Gupta apologized for his error in being DUPED by amanda baggs. CNN’s Anderson Cooper never fereted Baggs. Never even took time to look at her simple open background to see she’s a drug induced psychogenic case of someone who thinks she has autism. She clamis to have been diagnosed at 20, yet the American psychiatric associtaion states, “Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder and must be present from infancy or early childhood…” Sometimes kids are diagnosed a bit later, but certainly not in 20′s and certainly not after you discover Baggs did tons of drugs and was in a mental ward in her teens, never showing signs of autism. Of course CNN didn’t bother to uncover that part of story. Way to go Dr. Gupta, Anderson Cooper and CNN. Of course Cooper is interesting in his connection with Baggs, after all Baggs, the alleged autistic woman also claims she’s GAY! Wow, what a connection. How sick and twisted is the media these days. It seems truth doesn’t matter and whoever is hosting show finds and fondles anyone who has the same agenda he/she does. Just putrid. ANderson cooper is a fraud.