Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network New Member: Cindy – Baptist Taliban and Beyond

Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network New Member: Cindy – Baptist Taliban and Beyond June 12, 2012

The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network welcomes new member, Cindy Foster, who blogs at Baptist Taliban and Beyond.

By way of introduction, Cindy writes:

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My family were members of a wonderful Baptist church that started a Christian school in my Junior year of high school.  I graduated from there then enrolled in Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. where  I studied a little but played a lot.

I met my husband, Paul who liked to play more than I did. He was adopted as an infant by veteran missionaries to Seoul, Korea, Ike and Jane Foster.  They served there from 1953 until their deaths, mother- 2006 and father- 2010 for a total of 57 years.  They served as missionaries to Japan for 5 years before going to Korea for a total of 62 years as missionaries to both fields.

I first noticed Paul in a drag race between his GTO and my friend’s Chevy Nova.  I was in the Nova.  Paul’s GTO blew the doors off the Nova and I was impressed.  He was mutually impressed that I would be impressed with his car which, a year and a half later, culminated in 34 years of marriage!

We bought a little house in Springfield where we lived for five years and increased our family by two children.  From there we moved back to Houston for a few months before being invited by Paul’s sister and her husband to help start an Independent Baptist church in Broken Arrow, OK.  Paul was second man and youth director at the church, and I was busy having babies–8 in all, 4 boys, 4 girls, 1 set of boy/girl twins. This is where our home schooling adventure began.

We served there for 19 years until we finally had to admit our preacher/brother-in-law  and his church were more interested in enforcing their extra-biblical rules than loving and nurturing souls.  So we left, and things got very ugly and still is to this day.

Two years later, we started a church in Jenks, OK.  There we bought a house on a beautiful 80 acre pecan orchard where we have lived since 2001.  My children are all grown and I now have two delightful grandchildren and I am enjoying the latter part of my life even more than the former.

No Longer Quivering will be posting Cindy’s story in a new installment series.

Be sure to check out Baptist Taliban and Beyond and welcome Cindy to the network. 🙂

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