Updated Allegations Involving Jack Schaap

Updated Allegations Involving Jack Schaap August 3, 2012

Many of us that have been following the Jack Schaap firing from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.  This morning brought the news of exactly why there was a law enforcement investigation into the circumstances that led to his dismissal. Not only had he cheated on his wife, breaking his marriage covenant with her but it seems that his choice of partner was a 16 year old girl, a mere child to his 54 years of age.

Preying on the young, sick and disgusting.

More at MSNBC.

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  • Saraquill

    I fail to understand why anyone such as the parishioner quoted in the article would make light of a rape and treat the former pastor as a victim.

  • Sandy

    He is a patriarch. He blames the girl. Never mind that she is 16 years old.

  • Karen

    I grew up in the Catholic church; on my more negative days I sometimes suspect that only my childhood obesity (or, even worse, a preference among the priests for boys) let me get away unscathed. While some 16-year-old girls — note SOME — are ready to be sexually active, this screams of abuse. Were there a hell, that an abuser could be sent to it, at least for a while… (I don’t believe in the righteousness of eternal punishment for anybody. I also don’t believe in an afterlife, so that’s kind of moot.)

  • Jenny Islander

    I’ve been following this over at Stuff Fundies Like. The comments section covers all the bases: she led him on, she’s of age so there was no crime, well some girls are just like that you know, she was probably trying to get something out of him, the poor man is under so much stress, the demands of the penis are inexorable (but it’s still her fault), rejoicing at the fall of a man who preyed upon his flock is exactly the same as hating Christianity and all Christians, public schools are venues for public sex, and something about the King James Version.

    He was supposed to be counseling this sixteen-year-old about the traumas of sexual abuse. So he was alone with her. With this previously sexually abused very young woman who had been trained from infancy to adore the “man of God.” Out here in lukewarm, worldly Mainstream Land, we know that you do not do such things ever.

    Fact: Schaap got up and preached a vile, creepy, nasty sermon full of his sexual fantasies about teenagers. He took down the vid, but there is a transcript at SFL. Even if his conduct in the counseling office was always squeaky clean, just preaching this disgusting stuff should have been grounds for his dismissal. Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.

  • Rad 1

    Wisdom Hunter (a novel published in 1991, and still on the market today) illustrates the destructiveness of dictatorial and authoritarian pastors. Many consider the book to be a “classic”. The author graduated from Tennessee Temple University, and grew up in the Independent Baptist camp. When the book was first released, it was banned at many Independent Baptist churches, even Bob Jones University. Maybe the author had something to say that was, and is, worth listening to.

  • Josh

    Strange, some people will always try to excuse the one at fault. This girl could have done everything possible to lure him in, and thus would be at fault, but this is HIS sin as well, and HE is responsible for HIMSELF, not HER for HIM. The only thing any Christian can do now is pray for him and his wife, and this 16 year old girl.

  • Melissa

    This is a sad and tragic situation. While no one is exempt from temptation God always provides a way out. I have seen some disturbing articles and bits and pieces of sermons that have been preached, and it troubles me. Mr. Schaap is human yes, Mr. Schaap I believe owes an apology or at least face his congregation and talk to them. It bothers me that there has been nothing said. When we do wrong we need to get it right with those that we have offended. I am truly sorry for his wife and children. I am praying for the church for healing and restoration. Our God is full of mercy and grace, but we should never take it for granted.

  • madame

    I would not attribute any fault to the girl because, whatever she may have done, she is not the middle-aged, married preacher. She is young, and was in need of counseling.
    It doesn’t help that Mr. Schaap is known for his mysogynistic diatribes and blame shifting. He himself accused wives if husbands run after a younger girl saying that they had “let themselves go”.
    Schaap should carry the full burden.

  • Freeatlast

    Let us not forget that this is a man that was “caught”, otherwise, he would still be carrying on. This is not a man convicted in his own heart of his sin. There is a big difference.

  • j. wiberg

    During the Ballinger investigation — child molestations at FBC — Jack schaap was interviewed (it’s on line) and he stated that in all fairness to Mr. Ballinger, the girl WAS overly friendly, always crawling all over you — In other words, it was the little 7 year-old girl’s fault!! I replayed it just to make sure I got it right, and sure enough, that’s exactly what he had said. Even way back then, it wasn’t the adult male’s fault. No, it was the little 7-yr-old girl’s fault for being “overly friendly.” Whew! And this man led that church for 11 years. Go figure.