IFB Jack Schaap Arrest & Plea Deal

IFB Jack Schaap Arrest & Plea Deal September 19, 2012

Yesterday First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana’s long time pastor Jack Schapp was arrested on federal charges. He  was charged with having transported a minor across for state lines with the intent of  engaging in sexual activities along with a few addition charges. The FBI’s investigation of Schaap led to him being charged in U. S. District Court in Hammond, Indiana in violation of the Mann Act.

Apparently the Feds offered Schaap a plea deal and he took it. Under the plea deal Schaap admitted to sex with a sixteen year old girl,  that the girl had been under his care and for bonus points, he’d used a computer to persuade the victim to have sex with him.

Where’s “NBC’s Dateline: To Catch a Predator” and Chris Hansen when you need them?

No word yet on what punishment and sentencing guidelines Jack Schaap will receive.  But it’s likely that he’ll receive a legal slap on the wrist. It’s not likely he’ll serve many or any months at all according to the several Federal sentencing guidelines available online.

Interestingly enough the prosecution is is petitioning the courts for forfeiture of all electronic devices belonging to Schaap under a law usually reserved for drug offenses. They are seeking to keep his Ipad, Iphone, digital camera, voice recorder and computer flash drives because they were apparently used in the commission of his crime.

Schaap is due to arrive at the courts today for an initial court appearance.

More detail on the the arrest and plea deal at these sites:

Mail Online

Chicago Tribune

Hammond Community.Net

Chicago Sun Times

San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Chris J.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The statement that Schapp will serve almost no jail time is entirely incorrect, probably because the author does not know how to properly read and apply the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and did not consult a lawyer who is familiar with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines before posting this article.

    If Schapp plead guilty to 18 USC § 2422, the part of the Mann Act that makes transporting a person across state lines for the purpose of illegal sex a federal crime, then the base Offense Level would be 28 on the chart the author linked. Additionally, there are probably several enhancements that would be applied for using a computer, for having a position of trust (ie: pastor), and for actually having sex with the minor. There appears be at least three, two level level enhancements, raising him to around an Offense Level 34 on the guidelines chart. Assuming he has no criminal history, this means a judge is likely to sentence him to between 12.5 and 15.5 years in prison. There is no parole in federal prison, meaning he will spend the entire time behind bars. (See: http://www.ussc.gov/Guidelines/2011_Guidelines/. More specifically, see http://www.ussc.gov/Guidelines/2011_Guidelines/Manual_HTML/2g1_3.htm)

    12.5-15.5 years is hardly a slap on the wrist.

    Furthermore, he has only plead guilty to the federal charges. The State of Indiana (or Illinois – depending on where the assault occurred) can still bring charges for statutory rape, for which he could have a separate, and potentially lengthy sentence.

    I suggest the author consult a criminal defense lawyer for some quotes and then reprint this article with more accurate information. He’s not going to escape with little or no jail time for his crime.

  • suzannecalulu

    Moot point. Looks like it was plea bargained down to a possible ten years. Figured they’d cut him a deal but knocking off a couple of years doesn’t seem like a deal to me. I’d like to see him do ten years on each count of the indictment consecutively.

  • Chris J.

    It’s not a moot point at all. He’s hardly getting a slap on the wrist and he will serve a significant amount of time in jail. Plea agreements are quite common in both federal and state court. In fact, most people who are charged with a crime do enter into a plea agreement. He’s not being given any leniency. This agreement ensures that he will spend considerable time behind bars, and it avoids any risk of an acquittal.

    He was convicted under 18 USC 2423(a), where the minimum sentence is 10 years. The fact that he agreed that he used a computer and actually had sex are also significant because these are enhancements that will make his sentence longer under the Sentencing Guidelines. A minimum of 10 years (and likely a few more) is hardly a slap on the wrist – particularly in federal prison where there is no parole. He won’t be getting out early for good behavior or because the prison is overcrowding. The 10 year sentence is also a MINIMUM sentence. The judge also could sentence him to a longer term, and he very well may.

    The plea agreement appears to be a good deal for all parties, including and especially the victims, who will not have to experience the trauma of a trial. With this plea agreement, the states of Michigan and Illinois agreed not to charge him for any state crimes that he may have committed. (Not sure about Indiana.) While at first this might sound like a bad thing, and that he’s getting away with something, it’s actually not, because he will spend many years in prison. The state statutory rape charge would be more difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The Mann Act, in contrast, with incriminating emails, texts, and photos, logs, and corroborating testimony is not as difficult to prove.

    This agreement ensures he will serve a significant time in prison, and spares the victims from being retraumatized by having to “go public” and testify in court and eliminates the risk that he would be acquitted. Schaap is hardly being given a are hardly letting him off the hook.

  • Laura

    I seriously feel for his family. As usual, the guilty person’s actions ripple out like ripples on a pond and affect the totally innocent.

    And that’s not even including his young victim and her family. Was she the only one?

  • suzannecalulu

    Would not be surprised if the Feds find evidence of more incidents involving other victims.

  • suzannecalulu

    Chris do you think he’ll pull time in a nice white collar crime country club minimum security Club Fed type facility or one of the more ‘prison’ like federal jails?

  • Chris J.

    I have no idea where they will put him. Its hard to say. Often they put people near their families, so perhaps he ends up in Illinois or Indiana somewhere. He’s not exactly a white collar offender. But prison is still prison. He can’t just get up and leave. . .

  • Guy

    Far too many have felt the need to chime in with THEIR thoughts. Well just like much of the empty IFB preaching that is filled with the pastor’s “thoughts” and not the word of God, I care less. Just like preaching, it’s to set the truth out there and quit trying to make application for all those that hear.

    So, the FACTS are out there as it relates to Schaap, and forgive me…but didn’t a few AFTER he was fired continue to refer to him as their “pastor”?!?!? He is NOT a pastor anymore, nor will he BE one (scripturally at least). Now, the FACTS are that he broke the law. This was not a mere stealing of a .25 candy bar, this was a FEDERAL LAW.

    I think those that “feel” he shouldn’t spend time in jail are caught up in seeing him even parading into court in a fancy blazer, shirt/tie, believe that WHITE COLLAR crime isn’t as bad as someone else! I can tell you this, if it were MY daughter that he PREYED on (get that, HE was law breaker, NOT the “girl”), that I would push for him to be incarcerated.

    I understand Jack Hyles didn’t leave any monies to the children as far as inheritance goes, but rather all to the church, but I think Schaap has a bunch of monies available to pay for his attorney fees. And it’s a shame that so many get off the hook just because they’ve spent the money on some high dollar lawyer.

    The cliche goes, “if you do the crime, you pay the crime”, and although we’ll never know the answer to this question don’t bet against it, but I can PROMISE you that if Shcaap were asked this question let’s say just 3yrs ago (prob not before he was engaging in child pornography), that he would say “PUT ‘EM BEHIND BARS”. Here’s the question…

    “Bro Schaap, in a scenario where a 54 year old pastor was found guilty and pleady guilty to TRANSPORTING a 16 year old girl across state lines to engage in sex, should that pastor spend time in jail?”

    This is not anything even remotely similar to him having an “affair” with a middle aged woman…SHE WAS SIXTEEN!!!!!!!! CASE CLOSED!

  • John

    This is interesting because Pastor Jack good friend and follower is a Guy named Pastor G of the Roc church in Virginia ! Pastor Geronimo specks in support of Pastor Jack ! This pastor is also guilty of molesting young girls in his church also ! Birds of a feather hang out together !Please check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtOWU4FOwZ4

  • Belinda

    I understand hes paying and should and has to be fired but what about restoreing him and ministering to him and helping him healed from all this and being loved back to the familey of god and to spirituality

  • chervil

    Maybe it’ll happen in prison, the same way for every other predator.