Jack Schaap’s Plea Wheeling & Dealing

Jack Schaap’s Plea Wheeling & Dealing September 19, 2012

Looks like the deal Schaap signed on off gives the judge the option of sentencing him to a maxim of ten years in jail. That’s way more than I thought he might have coming.

Also law enforcement are still investigating Hyles-Anderson College since Schaap had been vice president of the school and his victim took classes there. No word on exactly what they are looking into at the college.

No word yet on what went down during Jack Schaap’s initial court appearance this afternoon.

Stuff Fundies Love – Plea Deals (When Denial Just Isn’t Working Anymore)

Christian Post – Jack Schaap  of First Baptist Hammond Facing Ten Years in Prison for Teen Affair

While I was reading through the different accounts of Jack Schaap’s legal troubles today I came across this page worth a view from The Christian Post – Five Characteristics of Child Sexual Offenders Within the Faith Community

Update: 8:30 EST – Turns out that the ten years Schaap agreed upon is the minimum they can sentence him to for that crime.  Also when Jack Schaap returns from prison he’ll have to register as a sex offender wherever he moves. He was taken into custody this afternoon so he’s behind bars even now. Sentencing hearing will be on Sept. 26th.

WISH TV.com – Ind. Pastor’s sex charge deal calls for 10 years

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  • This being a Federal crime, if he does time he will probably do it at a minimum security, Club Med type facility.

  • suzannecalulu

    I am hoping he’ll go to the place in Alabama that’s rather hard core of the Federal jail here in Virginia.. neither of those places are Club Fed

  • Saraquill

    Is it wrong to hope that his prison mates become well aware of what he’s done? Child molesters rarely fare well during incarceration.

  • Rob

    Is it wrong? How could it be? Why, it’s biblical! It’s the flip side of the Golden Rule! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” Or, in the more modern translations, “what goes around, comes around.”

  • W. Lotus

    If he agreed to a minimum of 10 years, they must have had some pretty serious charges coming down the pike that would have resulted in much more time, and they had the evidence that would make it pretty difficult for him to win his day in court.

    I’m glad he’s behind bars.

  • Phatchick

    Considering the national exposure the story’s had, I be surprised if it wasn’t common knowledge. The only way to keep him safe would be to keep him in solitary, and even then it doesn’t always work out; just ask Jeffery Dahmer.

  • Carol the long winded

    That “Teen affair” headline makes me insane. It is a way of minimizing the crime to the faithful.

  • Protecting our children

    Make example out Jack Schaap. Send a clear signal that this will not happen again in a church & if it does the punishment is greatly. The young girl will remember & carry the burden of this sexually sin forever. She’s a child . But Jack Schaap was not only a man but a Pastor a leader . Jack Scahaap selfishly used his position for his ego . Too much power for one man . Went to his head . Lets protect our children from wolves in sheep clothing like Jack Schaap. Remember to pray for the victims ” the 16 old girl” , her family, first baptist , Cindy schaap & her children , lets not forget all the independence baptist pastors & church’s .

  • Heart

    For way too long, many of the men who have graduated from Hyles-Anderson College or First Baptist Church of Hammond and have been “called” out to lead congregations throughout the country, have been committing these types of “sins”. For these “Sinners”, I do not believe that we have seen the proper punishments and thusly, many more preachers have followed those wretched paths.

    With Jack Schaap, the “Leader of the Pack”, committing this atrocious “Sin”, the judicial system has such a responsibility to sentence Jack Schaap with a judgement that will indicate to the world, both Christian and secular, that these men and women in positions in the church MUST OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND AND MORALITIES and STOP HARMING THE INNOCENT!

    It is my utmost hope that Jack Schaap goes to prison for a very long time and that if there are any more victims that they will come forward and make known the dirty deeds of this hypocrite! I also have to state that, behind “addicts” or aside them, are the enablers. I believe that, even his closest people, Cindy, his adult kids, deacons, friends and associates… they had to know something but turned their heads in subtle ways. They should all be made accountable!

    Innocence was taken… just like it was from Esther, the daughter of Joe and Evangeline Combs. They tortured Esther for years. Jack Schaap took advantage of this child, but for years she will be tortured. There is no difference. These adults crossed the lines. They must be punished!

    He was to be sentenced today September 26, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. I’ve yet to find out the sentencing but am hopeful that he will receive the time in which his final hours will be spent in the absence of any female counter part ever!


  • Last word

    Sentencinf pushed forward to Jan 15, 2013. Judge probably wants lots of time to come up with a very looooong term sentence.

  • John

    This is interesting because Pastor Jack good friend and follower is a Guy named Pastor G of the Roc church in Virginia ! Pastor Geronimo specks in support of Pastor Jack ! This pastor is also guilty of molesting young girls in his church also ! Birds of a feather hang out together !Please check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtOWU4FOwZ4