Mama’s Choice – Part 1: For the Bible Tells Me So

Mama’s Choice – Part 1: For the Bible Tells Me So September 20, 2012

by Vyckie Garrison

 Get out a concordance (or search online) and look up the words “contraception,” “birth control,” “condoms,” “the pill,” “natural family planning,” “sterilization,” … no results? That’s because the bible does not directly address the topic of birth control.

Do a Google search for “the bible and birth control,” and you might be surprised to discover that even John Piper and company do not insist that the bible forbids married Christian couples to use birth control – choosing instead to emphasize biblical principles such as stewardship, prudence, reason, and the sovereignty of God while maintaining that children are indeed a blessing from the Lord.

Sure you can find websites with an impressive array of bible verses, principles, and quotes from the Early Church Fathers devoted to convincing serious Believers that a truly devoted Christian marriage requires “trusting the Lord” rather than trusting in birth control. Nancy Campbell wrote a whole book – but even the most dedicated Quiverfull moms will admit that Nancy plays pretty fast and loose with the scriptures in the way she takes verses out of context or utilizes obscure translations which can be twisted to support the point she’s trying to make.

Is Birth Control Biblical:

So if “biblical womanhood” is a matter of selection and interpretation, why do women choose the pro-natal verses and interpret them in a manner which compels us to endure perpetual pregnancy?


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