Mama’s Choice – Part 2: Spirit Led, or Alien Impregnation?

Mama’s Choice – Part 2: Spirit Led, or Alien Impregnation? September 23, 2012

by Vyckie Garrison

When Michelle Duggar got pregnant despite being on birth control, and subsequently lost the baby, the belief that – by using hormonal birth control – she had destroyed the precious life of their unborn child led Michelle and her husband, Jim Bob, to search the scriptures and pray. The result was a firm conviction to trust the Lord with their family planning. Michelle pitched the Pill – a decision which has led to the Duggars becoming one of America’s most prolific couples.

Erika Shupe was convicted to leave her family planning in the Lord’s hands, but due to financial hardships and the desire for a healthy body, she was not able to fully commit her reproductive life to God until, shortly after delivering her sixth child, she had a spiritual encounter in which she prayed, “Lord!  I just want to be hormonally and physically normal for a while!”  The Lord answered Erika quietly and lovingly: “This is the new normal…so you need to adjust.

Although she originally only wanted one child, Elizabeth Ours felt the Holy Spirit working in her heart, and also her husband’s, through a godly family and several books including A Full Quiver, The Way Home, and All The Way Home. She prayed that her husband’s appointment for a vasectomy would be cancelled, and through “supernaturally arranged circumstances,” God intervened. Later, Elizabeth prayed to have at least two months before conceiving, and again, God answered her prayer.

Christopher and Rachel Scott knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God did not want them to resort to sterilization as a means of birth control when a huge warrior angel of the Lord appeared to Christopher in a dream holding a very large sword, aimed the flaming tip at his penis, and declared, “DO NOT ABORT THE PLAN OF THE LORD!

It is common for Quiverfull women to testify of the Lord’s supernatural leading in their decision to trust God in matters of reproduction. About the same time that I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me to allow Him to control our family size, a friend from church shared with me how God spoke to her husband about getting a vasectomy so they would be free to serve Him as a couple in the ministry once their two young boys were old enough for school.

“WHAT?!!” I could not believe that God would lead this committed Christian couple – in which the young, healthy wife had no difficulties with pregnancy and delivery – to limit the size of their family, while at the same time, convicting my husband and me to seek a vasectomy reversal – in spite of my proven high-risk status due to health and genetic issues which had led to our decision to have a vasectomy in the first place.

How is it that as we both prayed and desperately sought the Lord’s leading, despite the glaring contradiction, my friend remained convinced that she and her husband were hearing directly from God – and I was still absolutely sure that He was speaking to me?

Just as a comical aside … maybe we women are not choosing at all. Here are some possible alternative explanations for why Quiverfull women keep having babies:

Nephilim Seduction?

Is it possible that old Buddhist souls choose to be born to Christian Quiverfull parents as a way to escape the cycle of Reincarnation?

Alien impregnation!

Ridiculous, for sure … BUT – how do we know

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  • madame

    A bit OT, but I can’t stand the super spiritualized moaning about one’s circumstances. I checked out the Shupe blog and followed the link to the post about her house. I can’t believe she is moaning about the size of it! She should see what some QF families are making do with and be thankful!!!!!!

  • Well, clearly you no longer feel that you were led (not that I’m disagreeing with that judgement). But it puzzles me why anyone would assume that God would tell different people to all do the same thing. My own denomination is big on having kids, though not to the extent of eschewing all BC or endangering one’s health. I always assumed I would have at least 3 at the bare minimum–I like kids, I grew up in a biggish family, and I wanted one myself. I’ve got two kids. That’s what God told me to do, and I wasn’t any too pleased about it at the time. Now I’m very happy with it, but I never would have expected this. But IME God has individualized plans for individuals.

  • Carol

    So True. Sometimes God even tells people to tun for office, start a war, receive rape babies, kill their own children or go on a murderous rampage. Everyone gets their own plan.

  • Persephone

    I dreamed about fighting zombies that other night, so I guess I better get down to the gun shop and sporting goods store, the sooner the better.

  • madame

    Very cynical.
    I usually ignore “god told me….” reasons because I doubt most people are truly hearing God speak to them and tell them to do such specific things. And I especially ignore them when they tell me that god said I should do something or another. Then I tell them “he hasn’t told me yet. If he wants me to do it, he’ll let me know”.
    I would never, ever, ever put a woman down for welcoming a rape baby.

  • Carol

    Well, Good for you. Too bad god doesn’t care enough to protect women from rape to begin with.

  • Carol

    This discussion brings this story to mind, if anyone remembers.

    Cynical is my middle name.