Mama’s Choice – Part 5: Baby Fever!

Mama’s Choice – Part 5: Baby Fever! September 28, 2012

by Vyckie Garrison

I want another baby!”

A quick perusal of Quiverfull family blogs illustrates the familiar feeling of “baby fever” – that intense desire for a newborn baby to love and nurture!

No matter how many arrows are already in their quiver, Quiverfull moms still report feeling as though their bodies crave another baby every month during ovulation – often it’s a full-time desire. I remember not being able to hold another mom’s baby without my mind screaming to me, “I want another baby!!”

Why the desperate need for more?

Partly – we really do love babies. Also, this “gotta have one” response has been conditioned by pro-natal articles such as “101 Reasons for Having Children!” by Nancy Campbell which we’ve all read.

But, how much of that passionate longing is simply evolutionary biology at work? In my Quiverfull days, I’d have been insulted by the suggestion – but now that I do not have an ideology to defend, it seems obvious to me that a huge part of my generative choices resulted from my lack of understanding about how female reproductive hormones work.

As “Supernatural Family Planning” practitioners are quick to point out: when a woman is ovulating, her desire for her man is most intense. The hormonal aspect of our fertility directly affects a woman’s health, weight, complexion, intelligence, mood, physical strength and stamina, balance and coordination, libido – and her desire for pregnancy.

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  • Chinton

    This is exactly why good, accurate sex education is so important in schools. If people don’t understand how fertility works they will never be able to make good decision. They will be bamboozled by people like Todd Akin who claims that women don’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” If you understand that women do not have ninja uterus then you c=would never buy all the slut shaming that goes on like “she couldn’t have been raped because she is pregnant therefor she must have liked it and it wasn’t rape.”

    Seems really odd to me in a religion that has a belief centered around an alleged virgin birth. If the bible story were set in the current day all the mucky mucks in the church would be calling Mary a slut the minute she turned up unmarried and pregnant.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Hmmm…I take your point but I feel a little uneasy about this analysis. For one thing, not all women experience a spike in libido during ovulation and some women do experience spikes in libido that are related to their cycles, but occur at other points in their cycle than peak fertility. And other women’s libidos seem to have no connection to their cycles at all! And of course, not all women who ovulate want children ever and not all women who want children ovulate. Hormones and how they affect us are really interesting but there does seem to be a major tendency towards reductive or generalizing attitudes about them (as any woman who’s been accused of PMS when she’s mad knows…). Hormones really do affect women in very different ways and we still have a long way to go in understanding them.

  • Persephone

    Biology certainly does mess us up. I never wanted children. Had two despite birth control use (got my tubes tied then), then in my early forties I suddenly started really craving another child. I was so glad I’d had the tubal ligation.

    And it’s not just women who have biology running them, based on a study of strippers and customers’ tipping habits: women who were on the pill received fewer tips than women who were not using hormonal birth control. I believe that dancers also received more tips when they were at their most fertile in their cycle.