Jack Schaap: Isolated Incident or the One That Got Caught?

Jack Schaap: Isolated Incident or the One That Got Caught? October 13, 2012

by Calulu

I haven’t updated NLQ much with the latest on Jack Schaap and his ongoing legal confloption. Yesterday I was perusing the news on Jack Schaap, the former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana to see what had gone down on his plea arraignment on September 27, 2012. Schaap not only plead guilty as he’d agreed to in his plea deal; he also claimed that he didn’t realize he was breaking any laws. Ignorance of the law is never a good defense in court. His sentencing will take place on January 15, 2013. It will be interesting to see what the judge feels is appropriate in this case even if it’s likely he’ll get only the ten years.

The speed the feds has shown from the investigation in August through sentencing in January is mind-blowing. Does the FBI win brownie points for swiftness?

The other thing about the Jack Schaap sexual abuse case was that he was actually caught and prosecuted by law enforcement. There was no collusion between the agencies doing the investigation and the powers that be in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church to bury the allegations, stifle the press and pretend it didn’t happen.

From what I’ve been reading online and experienced in my tiny town that seems to be what happens, IFB church or not. Yeah, the IFB doesn’t have a lock on sexual abuse, but they do seem to have a vast number of sexual predators even while they bash the Catholic priests for the same thing.

So how does something that horrible as child abuse and sexual molestation get covered up by authorities and the members of the church? Well, it looks a great deal like what happened here in my small Virginia town back in 2004 when IFB minister and Jack Schaap/Jack Hyles crony Charles Shifflett was accused of abusing the kids at the church connected school. He’d been allegedly molesting children at the school unchecked for years. Some of his former students came forward and laid the charges of abuse against Pastor Shifflett.

How tight was Pastor Charles Shifflett with Jack Hyles and the Hyles-Anderson College? Hyles came down to his church to speak many times as well as many children from Calvary Baptist went to Hyles-Anderson College. Pretty strong bonds.

Some of the students of the Calvary Baptist school came forward and accused Charles V. Shifflett with a wide variety of abuses, including sodomy, beatings and other actions that have no place in any school. Sadly enough the young adults that came forward to speak of the abuse going on at Calvary Baptist were derided and thought to be liars by many in the community at large and completely dismissed as liars by the members of Calvary Baptist Church. They faced a gauntlet of disapproval as well as having to deal with Sheriff Lee Hart who supposedly told the accusers that if they went forth with their legal charges that the Sheriff would have to charge their own parents with failure to protect their children from harm.

As a side note Sheriff Lee Hart has his own hornet’s nest of allegations of improprieties by him and his office he’s been dealing with. Notice our current Sheriff is embroiled in the same scandals? So much for true justice.

There is an audio documentary detailed everything that happened. It’s called The Lambs of Culpeper by Jeri Massi. Listen and judge for yourself if these young people were making up tales or were truly molested. Many of the local newspaper articles about the sins of Charles V. Shifflett have disappeared. The details in this documentary are enough to break your heart. The legacy that Pastor Shifflett leaves with these young adults will not be long forgotten. It impacts their souls and every aspect of their lives.

Eventually as the Sheriff’s department started investigating it did suddenly dawn on some members of Calvary Baptist that perhaps there was a grain of truth to what these young adults were saying. A church split occurred, with the ones that believed Pastor Shifflett had possibly committed the crimes he was charged with staying at Calvary Baptist with all of Shifflett’s supporters following him.

Pastor Shifflett rented an old abandoned church building in Brandy Station, Virginia, naming it The First Baptist Church. A significant portion of the congregation followed Shifflett to the new location, creating a financial strain at Calvary Baptist, leaving a trail of heart-broken, confused, betrayed former congregants behind him

By the time this finished playing out it was actually the IRS that dobbed Shifflett in. He was arrested, tried and convicted on not paying taxes on his ill-gotten illegal gains he’d managed to salt away from his time at Calvary. When it was all said and done Shifflett was sentenced to 100 years in prison with all but 4 years suspended. No one I spoke with in the town seems to have the slightest idea if Shifflett is alive or dead, free or incarcerated. If he served every single day of that sentence he would have been released recently. He could be out now.

Shifflett spoke of returning to his new church and continuing on when he got out but as of 6 pm est Oct 12, 2012 he’s not listed as the pastor of First Baptist.

Disgusting slap on the wrist for a monster that physically, sexually and emotionally abused children for years on end. They have to live with a much greater burden in their recovery for what was done to them than their abuser does. Notice there is not one word about his crimes against these young people in the sentencing article. This all happened in the shadow of our nation’s capital.

Who will be the next pastor caught with his hands around someone that he has no business touching. I don’t know but it seems all of them lead back to the pastors of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. I have heard of a handful of contenders with links back to First Baptist.

One pastor that has recently been praising Jack Schaap from the pulpit, regardless of the fact that he sexually abused a teen, is Richmond Outreach Pastor  Geronimo Aguilar. Yes, praising Jack! Praising a convicted sex offender! Not just praying for Jack and mentioning that they need to pray for Jack but actively telling his congregation about the wonderfulness of Jack Schaap.

Geronimo’s church is always blaring out what they are doing in the Virginia media, from Va Beach to nearly DC. He is one that many believers I know go to his conferences at Richmond Outreach Center and who is a Jack Schaap friend, and may have been up to similar things in the past. I have no proof that he’s actually doing/done anything wrong, but there is talk throughout the region. I know he’s listed at Rick Ross and other cult watch sites as a cult leader with delusions of grandiose mega churches. Pastor G.

During Geronimo Aguilar’s time with the California ministry Set Free Christian Fellowship he filed a frivolous lawsuit against Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa at the instigation of TBN. This occurred in 1995, well before Geronimo settled on the East Coast in another attempt to plant a mega church. Rick Ross has an entire forums worth of information on the less than stellar doings of Geronimo in the past including names, dates and places where it is alleged that statutory rape happened.

These are all men that have been urging us to birth as many babies as possible to raise up a mighty army for the Lord? Why should anyone listen and choose Quiverfull when the ones teaching QF cannot even be trusted not to prey upon their own flocks?

If the Independent Fundamentalist Church in America has any hope of being taken seriously again they must start outing and dealing with pastors that prey on their followers. No praising molesters from the pulpit either!

I hope I’m wrong but I’m going to be watching and waiting.

To anyone out there being molested or treated inappropriately by clergy at their own church. Please, for the sake of other future possible victims if you won’t do it for yourself, report it to law enforcement and to your church leadership. No one has the right to harm you in the name of God.

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Calulu lives near Washington DC , was raised Catholic in South Louisiana before falling in with a bunch of fallen Catholics whom had formed their own part Fundamentalist, part Evangelical church. After fifteen uncomfortable years drinking that Koolaid she left nearly 6 years ago. Her blog is Calulu – Roadkill on the Internet Superhighway

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  • And what you have said here is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • suzannecalulu

    I know but I could not use that much bandwidth and my head was starting to explode! Perhaps a series would have been more appropriate for this topic. So many predators dressed in pastors clothing..

  • Chinton

    Is it really a good idea to report abuse to the church leadership when they so often go out of their way to cover it up and/or are directly involved?
    You said in his post that most of the congregation still does not believe these victims and are siding with the authority figure who is the abuser. With that in mind isn’t reporting to the church leadership just going to make things worse?
    And if, as you said here, the police won’t listen what should young people who are in this situation do?

  • madame

    I wonder the same thing.

  • suzannecalulu

    That’s the rub. It’s chancy. I guess I should have said tell someone you trust, like your parents or a close friend and have them come with you to report it to law enforcement. Tricky to know who is best but you should try to report it to someone in authority.

  • womanchief

    check out the church of god restoration.

  • John brooks

    You are so right ! about Geronimo Aguilar he has done much damage to at least three under age girls so far ! This guy really needs to repeat and step out of ministry ! so thank you for this web site Gods word is true the truth will set you free ! Pastor G your sin will find him you out ! hopfully sooner than later and before he hurts any more girls !

  • Talia

    Jack schaap is definitely not quiver full. He only has two kids and they teach at his college to wait 4 years before having a child.

    Regardless, I have no respect for Jack Schaap. None. He is an adulterous pervert, but he doesn’t represent all IFB people.

    I can’t stand Schaap.

  • Billy Graham once told a reporter who asked about Jim and Tammy Bakker’s dishonesty and corruption (Billy was at the airport) “Do you see these planes landing and taking off every hour? None of you will report on it until crashes” The thought is there are so many Pastors who do well, quietly, without a large following or massive amounts of funding and get no publicity. I have such a Church. When is the last time you read about the Brooklyn man who left the U.S. to help the poor kids in the Philippines and improved their lives? You probably won’t.
    That is not to trivialize this situation or any other because it crawls inside your stomach that one would want to vomit from disgust. I also thank God that I am not involved in such things and pray I will never be in any position to bring disgrace to myself, my family and my Lord.
    Lord Acton said “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” and perhaps it is easier to happen as you get more important in your own eyes. In our small class rooms we have a teacher and two assistants so there is always two leaders in a room. Meetings with woman will have witnesses as well as children. The Bible says don’t let your good be spoken evil of. How do you do that? By protecting your honor. Heck, leave me alone in a room with a jelly donut and it will disappear. My wife will be my watchdog in that department. Small things turn to large things. We need to be responsible to each other with checks and balances all along the way. I am a IFB and the leader of my Church and as a leader I demand that they hold me accountable. While we are at it, let’s not destroy the Church of God because some wolves sneak in. Let’s protect it. Recently we have had a football team’s evil deeds uncovered. I have not heard the demand that teams be closed and coaches be done away with. This can happen in the Scouts, 4h, colleges, day care. Jesus said:Mar 14:38 Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.
    It is up to us!

  • chervil

    It’s up to you to what. Forgive and forget. This guys flock is apparently behind him 100% and oh, he begged for forgiveness so we forgive him, is that what you mean by “it’s up to us” and “checks and balances”? Religion breeds zealots like you and you people are unaccountable to anyone. No matter what laws you break, your people will always cover for you because that’s what they’re taught and they love a good redemption story.

    Between this and the Catholic church pedophile scandal and the IRS laws your churches are breaking left and right with their preaching on who to vote for, what makes you think your churches deserve protection? You’re going to need to do a lot better than this.

  • Chervil

    Only a disingenuous schmuck would say “not to trivialize this situation” then mention no other reference to the particulars of the specific incident, and then compare the predatory nature of a religious leader to being left alone with a jelly donut. Sounds like a cover up and a distraction, which is what we’ve come to expect from people who claim to hold some sort of higher calling. . Like I said above, you’re really going to need to do better.

  • Chervil

    So your church has the same position in society as a football team and is about as useful and should be held to the same low standards. Thanks for clearing that up. Good to know.

  • mary

    jack schaap made a mistake. get a life and get over it. yes, he did wrong, thats obvious but are you really any better of a person to judge him? did god make you to be better then him in any way? this doesnt make him a bad person.
    on a side note, your looking to into the connection of those pastors. just because one pastor is good friends with another doesnt mean their doing the same sins. please think a little bit.

  • mary

    oh and i forgot to mention, the church didnt try and cover it up at all. they were the ones who reported it so get your facts straight. they loved jack schaap but they would never cover that up. rediculous.

  • chervil

    Wow are you ever proving my point in my replies to that pastor. You are living proof. I said EXACTLY what you’re saying here, his followers love and will always cover for their religious leaders. They are providing cover for him, the EXACT way you are here, saying no one should pass judgment on them, the man “just made a mistake”. You are living proof of my comments. This is the problem with these organizations, enablers like you allow it to happen over and over and over, and are absolutely appalled that anyone would dare criticize.

    These churches make their living judging people. They take tax money from women, from gays, then turn around and blame all the evil of the world on them. They lump everyone else into a group of “us” vs. “them”, WE are the good guys, THEY are the bad guys, all of them, that’s how churches operate, but what was it you said up there… Oh, “just because one pastor is good friends with another doesnt mean their doing the same sins. ” Yet this is exactly what churches do to everyone else. Then, just like I said above, they expect to never be held accountable, to be held above the rules that apply to everyone else and they rely on enablers like you for that to happen.

    It’s not just one man, it’s a parasite throughout.

    Maybe it’s time for you to think a little bit, Mary, take a look in the mirror.

  • suzannecalulu

    No, your church didn’t try to ‘cover’ it up but many of the church members have been actively involved with telling people on the outside that they don’t like it being discussed. I guess none of them have ever heard of the First Amendment.

    What Schaap did is reprehensible, he is a sexual predator regardless how you slice it. That he had other church members acting as almost pimps for him by bringing this child different places for him to have sex with her is a different level of disgusting. They share the culpability and lucky they weren’t prosecuted as well.

    Incidents like this are the very things that those on the outside world hold against religion. Too many IFB and other churches are filled with petty puffed up tin plated dictators that prey on their flock. Those guys must be removed.

    That poor kid Schaap abused faces a long road of emotional and spiritual healing. But it will be even harder if people continually act like Schaap is a saint that merely slipped once.

  • suzannecalulu

    Word! So much truth to your comment

  • livininharmony

    Sorry Mary, but you are wrong – The FBC of Hammond initially tried to cover it, just like the always have.
    I was there and heard Eddie Lapina get up in front of the church and tell them Jack Schaap was ill and would be taking a few months off. If this had not been reported to authorites by someone outside of the church the staff would have found a way to sweep it under the rug. They only came clean because they had no choice and some thing Lapina wanted Schaap out anyway. Then they asked any other potential victims to come to them and report their stories, but never reported this information to the authorities as they implied they would. They are never interested in helping the hurt or abused, just covering themselves legally and financially because in the last few years they have been trained by Schaap to see FBC as a business or a corporation before they see it as a church. It has become a sad place and to date little has changed. The same leadership and deacons who stood by and did nothing while they watched Schaap slowly destroy the church are still there making the decisions and making changes – so that nothing changes.

  • mary

    if any of are christians, you should understand that im honustly not trying to cover it up. i have met pastor schaap several times so yes, it does hurt that he would embarrass our church and his family like this. your right, we dont like talking about it but when a christian is tearing him down…. its just not right. im not acting innocent at all, im a teenager who goes to public school and i always make mistakes and i realize other people do to. he is in jail , what more do you guys want? i know the girl and i feel bad for what happened because her whole life changed but shes getting over it, why dont we?

  • chervil

    It’s not an isolated incident, it’s not a “mistake”. His only “mistake” was getting caught. You’re perpetuating the myth that because this guy is a Christian, the rules should be different for him and for all Christians because Jesus. Christians claim to hold the key to morality and lord it over everyone else, they use the bible to berate and bludgeon people on the head, you’re SINNERS, you’re going to HELL. JEZEBELS! SLUTS! BUT when a white male is caught being utterly immoral, well, it’s “just a mistake, everyone makes mistakes”. Hypocrite.

    Case in point, you came here onto a spiritual abuse recovery site and started telling people what they should do, what they shouldn’t do, and the proper way they should be reacting, your way. The “Christian” way. I know, take your own advice, show us how it’s done. Why don’t you get over the fact that people are going to continue to point out the hypocrisy in churches? Hey, Mary, get over it already.

  • BBJ

    Hon, part of the problem is that you’re seeing his crime as ’embarrassing our church and his family’. That’s not pleasant for anyone, but that’s not the big problem here.

  • TLN

    Mary, I am a Christian although I no longer attend an IFB church. I appreciate your courage in posting your comments. There are a few things that you apparently don’t understand. FBC Hammond did initially attempt to cover up Jack Schaap’s sin. The phone was found at least a week before a report was filed. The Bible calls Schaap’s actions SIN not a mistake. We are not judging him, he has admitted in court what he did. You say the girl is getting over it. I was sexually molested as a child and I was beaten and raped when I was 19. I am now 68, married, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother and I still have flashbacks about those incidents. It takes a lifetime to get over abuse because you never know when a song, smell, or tone of voice will trigger a memory. As an abuse survivor, I must speak out, watch out, and be wary of the actions of others…particularly those in a position of leadership, authority and trust. I must due everything I can to protect others from abuse not because I choose to judge but because my back ground has given me knowledge of the actions of abusers and the innocent do not have that knowledge.

  • Sharon Hunter

    Hi, I went to Hyles-Anderson College and they do not teach waiting four years to have children. This is so stupid and false. I am very mad at Jack Schaap for making this wonderful college look badly. He is a sex abuser and should go to prison for 10 years. I was in College with him and Cindy back in the 70’s. He is a total loser who chose a little fun over the 33 years with his beautiful wife. She is a treaure and he just threw her away like trash. Cindy is the one who suffers the most through this and I hope she divorces him. He doens’t deserve his family and they need to move on and leave the piece of garbage behind. I actually love his mugshot, his big fake smile is gone.

  • Sharon Hunter

    This is so funny, I am a member of First Baptist Church and I was there the Sunday of Schaap being fired. No one said that he was taking months off. Eddie said that he was sick today and that we should pray for him. My church did not try to cover for him, the facts speak for themselves. If you don’t like the leadership and deascons now then get out. No one is keeping you there.

  • Sharon Hunter

    Hi, I don’t believe this sexual abuse was anything like yours. Jack Schaap did abuse this girl but she willingly went with him. And she was sending him pictures when he got caught. Some 16 year old are very “grown-up” and they are very forward. I am not saying that she doesn’t need couseling and help with this abuse but she wasn’t raped. Also she knew that Jack was a married man and she didn’t care. Jack Schaap also abused his wife and I think that 10 more years should be added for this. She is the One that suffers the most. Sorry but I am for the wife more than the 16 year old.

  • suzannecalulu

    I can name many many many pastor-graduates from Hyles-Anderson that have went on to molest children or commit statutory rape. Statutory rape, having sex with ANYONE below the legal age of consent. That includes teenagers..plus this last girl he was having an affair with was not yet 18 and she was taken across state lines for sexual purposes which means not only did Schaap break Biblical laws, he also violated state and federal laws. Ten years is a slap on the wrist.

  • Sherri Munger-Tyler

    Any 16-year-old who is having sex with a 54-year-old is being raped, no matter how “willing” they are. There is a reason it is illegal to have sex with minors, Sharon Hunter. The MINOR is the one who cannot yet make good and responsible decisions. Incidentally, the age of consent in Indiana and Michigan and Illinois (Schaap had sex with the minor in all three states) may be seventeen, but the girl was sixteen when they started having sex AND the age of consent is irrelevent when a person in a “position of trust” (such as a pastor) or a “psotiion of authority” (such as a college chancellor) is the one having sex with the insubordinate. Schaap raped the girl repeatedly, is guilty of criminal acts, is a sex offender, is a pedophile, and is now a convicted felon. The church DID initially cover it up. Sharon Hunter is a huge part of the problem . . . but, thankfully, God is now bringing FBCH, in all of its sordid criminal activities, abuse, and cover-ups, to light and justice. Stay tuned!

  • Sherri Munger-Tyler

    *position . . . the brain is thinking faster than the fingers are typing this morning.

  • Sherri Munger-Tyler

    By the way, Sharon Hunter, why are you on this site engaging in these conversations? Didn’t Darrell Moore just tell you in last Sunday night’s sermon that the internet is ruining your precious church? Didn’t he just scream and yell about the lukewarm loyalty of those who visit the blogs and read the exposes on FBCH? He was talking to YOU, you know. No matter . . . the more you and other congregants of FBCH read these blogs, the more your walls come crumbling down. The seeds of truth will take root and grow everytime you visit and read and respond, so welcome — please keep coming back. You may rail against the truth now, but you will always remember it and when you or someone you love have been devestated by your “men of God” we will be here to help you pick up the pieces, put your life back together, and move on.

  • ret’s kee

    Pastor Jack Schaap sinned ’cause he’s human be it a “big or small sin” it’s still a sin we people commit everyday!!! (The point is WE, you and me are still sinning everyday) God is in control of Jack Schaap. I believe there’s a consequence of that sin committed. God is in control of that. We may not understand why things like this happen ’cause our thoughts cannot comprehend on God’s thought. I believe there’s a purpose why this thing happened to a man of God. David (next to God’s heart) committed adultery also but he was restored and used by God. I hope and pray He will do the same thing to Pastor Jack Schaap.

  • Nea

    it’s still a sin we people commit everyday!!!

    Really? I haven’t committed pedophilia or adultery EVER. Most people I know haven’t done either, ever. Much less *daily.*

    And I for one totally understand why “this thing happened” – it’s because a perverted man got drunk with the power of being given money, responsibility, and lots and lots of unconditional support for being a “man of God” to the point that he felt he could do ANYTHING and it wouldn’t be wrong. And here you are saying that he’s right, that God caused it (!!!), that there’s a purpose, that he still holds a pastoral position and he is restored.

    Well guess what. Nothing “happened” *to* him; *he* committed crimes and was finally caught. His defenders ought to realize that the more they erase the actual victim, the more monsterous they sound.

  • madame

    Jesus was very harsh towards the leaders of his time. In Luke 17, Jesus says: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. 2 It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. 3 So watch yourselves.”
    Jack was the leader. The 16 year-old was the little one. The sin was caused by the mature pastor who abused his power and probably wowed the 16 year-old. Whatever she did, however sinful it may be, doesn’t let Jack of the hook. 16 year-old girls can NEVER be blamed for being abused or for the breakdown of a marriage.
    I hope that girl’s family have the sense to get out of that church and find her counseling that will actually help her to see what happened, how monstrous that is, and how she never deserved it. Sounds like her church would like her to accept responsibility, forgive, and go on covering up abusive leaders.

  • YAuRO
  • YAuRO

    “The speed the feds has shown from the investigation in August through sentencing in January is mind-blowing. Does the FBI win brownie points for swiftness?” The FBI has been waiting for something like this. They’ve known for awhile: http://www.nwitimes.com/uncategorized/detroit-station-probes-abuse-church-link/article_14a337d0-f46b-5ad5-95bf-0410dca96668.html

    Petersburg, VA? This is before the ROC was established.

  • Someone

    Nothing. Trust me. I told people/elders for years. YEARS. It even involved people named by Calulu in this very blog entry. I left the Church and never looked back. I’m not a Christian because the idea of associating with such people makes me want to vomit. I’m a student of Jesus. If that’s what you are, too, you’re good with me.

  • Someone

    P.S. I was removed from the church and told by pastors to never tell anyone. If I hadn’t had a breakdown and spent time in a mental facility where I was told it was a cult, I never would have said anything.

  • Blue Eyes

    My best friend was 16 when she was raped by her 30-something youth pastor. She was “willing.” She was “promiscuous.” She told me how awful she felt, later, for destroying his family. She knew she was in the wrong.

    Fast forward 20 years. Now we are in our 30’s and we both know it was rape. Plain and simple rape. The manipulation is beyond obvious. I can see how easy it would be to twist and bend and groom any teen to my own will. I can ply with lovely words. “Do you realize how special you are? Do you understand how much God loves you? How much I love you? I can’t stop thinking about you.” It’s what child predators do! They make it feel good. Duh. Oherwise, the victims wouldn’t go along with it.

    She, too, was a sexually abused as a child and began counseling with him. It later came out that he had tried with other teen girls before finally finding someone who had a hole big enough in her heart to be vulnerable.

    He’s a rapist. And his “willing participant” is still dealing with the raminfications. Along with his innocent ex-wife and children…

  • I am a IFB Pastor. With that said, I think these kind of articles are good, even used by God to expose evil wherever it is found. I do not think it is fair to accuse all Pastors or all IFB Pastors of wrong doing as that is clearly not the case.
    I agree that any incidence needs to be reported. Any responsible Church should have two people teams in class rooms, even cameras. Pastors do not counsel woman by them selves even if his wife simply sits where she can see everything or again, keep a camera going.

    Today, life is getting harder and harder and we need to be stronger and stronger and be aware of all that goes on around us.
    People are basically evil. I have responded to some articles and when they saw that I was a Pastor and had a wonderful ministry with many children, they accused me of horrible things because they did not like my post.
    BTW, IFB simply means Independent which means we are NOT part of a larger organization and we have our own, internal government. Fundamental, which to me means if it’s in the Bible we go by it. Baptist which is a general rule of thumb to distinguish ourselves between others.
    Good Post.

  • Buddy Loughlin

    His biggest supporter who called him his mentor numerous times is suffering the same fate: http://www.wric.com/story/22111191/pastor-of-the-roc

  • Jennifer

    I hope that horrible man feels a good many sharp stones. Speaking of a pastor being close with him reminds me of the repulsive Doug Wilson and the creep he’s tried to defend.

  • Jennifer

    The wife is a grown woman though who is now rid of a bad husband, while that girl, though possibly devious, is still a kid; her error in this case doesn’t compare with his.