What Do Quiverfull Christians Believe About Birth Control?

What Do Quiverfull Christians Believe About Birth Control? October 2, 2012

by Vyckie Garrison

Here you go; all the teachings from Jan & Rick Hess, Nancy Campbell, Mary Pride, Bill Gothard, Charles Provan, Jonathan Lindvall, S.M. Davis, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Voddie Baucham, R.C. Sproul Jr., Doug & Beall Phillips, Sherry Hayes, Chris & Wendy Jeub, Steve & Teri MaxwellJennie Chancey, Stacey McDonald, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, … all conveniently summarized in one YouTube video, You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception by The Children of Mary

Women who use contraceptives cause men to be gay … ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

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  • Thanks for the find, Vyckie! The one I hadn’t heard before was the connection between birth control and homosexuality. Somehow, though, it didn’t surprise me.

  • Kittybrat

    “infant homicide through contraception”?!?!?!
    Gay due to “non-fertil” women?!?!?!
    Promiscuity and adultery, divorce, on the rise due to contraception!


  • madame

    My husband’s desire didn’t drop during my three pregnancies, in fact, he said I was sexier than ever!
    AND wouldn’t that logic lead to men desiring non-pregnant, fertile women while their wives are pregnan? Wouldn’t that mean that QF men spend most of their wives’ fertile years not desiring them and looking to other women with lust?
    Ahhhh I see… that’s the whole point behind polygamy. A man always needs a fertile, non-pregnant and non-contracepting woman available to him.

  • TinaB

    Yes, because it’s all about the men being unattracted to women….what’s a man to do??. @@ eye roll!

  • This makes my brain hurt. If we didn’t “contracept,” it WOULD have destroyed me due to another pregnancy because of medical issues.

  • Hannah

    i have met several “quiverfullers” and not one of them believed the same thing. Some thought it was ok to use barrier methods of birth control to avoid pregnancy if the mom’s health was compromised. Some thought it was ok to use NFP. Some thought absolutely NO form of family planning was ok. Some thought it was wr0ng to seek out ways to improve fertility, and some didn’t. They all held different meanings of the word ‘quiverfull’. And some shunned that word altogether and said they were simply ‘praying about more blessings’ or ‘seeking God’s will about our family size’. They specifically did NOT want to be called ‘quiverfull’.


  • vyckiegarrison

    Good point, Hannah! You’ll definitely want to read the upcoming installment of my “Mama’s Choice” series titled: Inception. I talk about how the fact that each family practices its own unique version of Quiverfull reinforces our belief that we’re not “following” or being deceived.

  • Lizzy

    So much bad science. The estrogen in the water has nothing to do with contraception. It is related much more to the use of hormones in agriculture and the degradation of plastics.

  • Nancy B

    The lack of scientific knowledge (or, in this case the refutation of scientific knowledge) plus the teaching that young women should live/off up their lives as martyrs is like something out of the Middle Ages. A woman is nothing but a vessel to live out her life in discomfort, pain and drudgery, tethered in poverty to the home because some “prophet”– not Jesus Christ–said that was the way to salvation?

    I’m not understanding why young women are not saying,”That’s YOUR choice, not mine.” The same way Christian women once chose a music ministry, the missionary field, or secular careers in law, medicine, art, anthropology. And chose to be nuns, or married or unmarried or as parents or not.

    Christ told us how to live our lives. It was about being charitable, kind, loving. (Of course it was also about not being wealthy but the Word-Faith, Prosperity Gospel folks said,”Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain!! What Christ REALLY meant was His children should be the rich envy of everyone! Buy my book or send me a seed offering [like, say, the money you were saving for a coat!] and you too can live in a sprawling compound and fly in a Travolta-type private jet!!”)

    But I digress.

    If the New Testament were simply Christ’s words the religion would have died aborning. Because humankind is about lust and greed and power. It is about finding more and more ways to shame women, harm kids, and acquire as much money and toys as a lifetime can bear and then crow that wealth means God surely approves.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m reading Jonathan Kozol. And when I think of what poor women and children suffer through in the richest nation on earth while a whole industry has grown up around convincing folks there should be even MORE poor women and children…It boggles the mind.

    Because while those book writers and mega congregation preachers spout their lines, the poor women & kids languish. And they suffer from pain, rotted teeth, chronic asthma, malignancies. And they get cold in the winter. And they live in scary places. And drugs and violence crowd in on them–as is the case in most poor areas–and sometimes bullets whiz past their heads.
    And, usually, they are shamed, mistreated, beaten. Which is a great accompiment to being underfed.

    Why are young women not reading the words of Christ and telling the Mary Prides and Bill Gothards of this world,”No you don’t.” Women are not born to hang on a figuarativre cross, nor were their kids. We have a Savior for that.

    Since things come in cycles, I hope the current daughters of Quiverfull parents are our next generation to stand up for their rights and the rights of women and kids throughout the country. Hopefully they are not too work weary, brainwashed or undereducated as they reach the age of majority to understand that enslavement comes in many forms. And sometimes those who profess to love you can enslave your mind the most– out of fear and ignorance.

    I’d even suggest a name for the movement, straigt out of the KJV: FREE INDEED.

    We can hope, anyway.

  • Renee

    I love the part where at the beginning they use this study about monkeys to show why contraception is so bad: human beings are just animals and are influenced by hormones just as strongly as monkeys are, so contraception causes homosexuality and divorce! Then later they say that the real problem is that people have been taught to think that they’re just animals when actually we’re something much more….

  • madame

    Very astute observation, Renee. Their arguments just don’t add up.