Help Out a Quivering Daughter

Help Out a Quivering Daughter November 11, 2012

An escaping daughter from a Quiverfull family is trying to win a scholarship through WyzAnt Scholarships. In order to get a scholarship she needs people to vote on her essay. Her essay is entitled ‘Quiverfull Freedom’.  Jennifer from Charlotte, North Carolina has written about how she would use her education to help those young adults trying to leave the QF type  life.

Please vote for her essay. Her parents are so hostile to the idea of her getting a real education that they even refuse to sign her FAFSA form, which could reduce her tuition by a significant amount. They’ve turned their back on helping her in any way receive a college education.

Please vote on her WyzAnt Scholarship Essay and help a struggling Quiverfull walk away move on with her life and healing.

Help me win a $10,000 college scholarship. Vote for my essay!

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