Laughter Is Good Medicine: Women’s Bodies

Laughter Is Good Medicine: Women’s Bodies November 30, 2012

Laughter Is Good Medicine is a new feature at NLQ where things humorous pertaining to our journeys out of harmful theologies and situations will be posted as we stumble across them. Humor has a wonderful ability to show the absurdity of life and engage the minds of people.

In light of the laws Todd Akin and other Evangelical Patriarchal politicians sought to impose on half of society Mad magazine came up with some other laws Evangelical lawmakers might want to make regarding women’s bodies.



Happy Friday! Hope these make you laugh..

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  • Persephone

    I just recently had to have an intravaginal ultrasound, the first since my last pregnancy (long, long ago). I mentioned to the tech that some states were trying to require women to have these ultrasounds. Her vehement response, “I know. It’s barbaric!”

    I did get her to laugh at the end, though. Through the long exam, she had one hand on the machine one on the device, and was manipulating both quite skillfully. I finally asked, “Do you play a lot of video games?” She paused, then started laughing.