“In the Name of the Lord” – German TV on Quiverfull

“In the Name of the Lord” – German TV on Quiverfull December 12, 2012

A kind reader sent in this link to a piece that aired on German television explaining what Quiverfull actually is. It is in German but you can clearly hear what the family is saying in English.

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  • madame

    Why does he have to yell at his family so they get up? How about going to their bedrooms and waking them up, or teaching them to set an alarm clock rather than play that awful music? The yelling would be enough to make me deeply resentful, and the music would make me get dressed as fast as possible!
    I wonder what the older girls are truly thinking.

  • stairway to heaven

    Watching it with German dialogue was sort of creepy. A Fundy equivalent to ”The Master Race?”

  • kecks

    the public schools will “indoctrinate” them. right. something these parents themselves never do. i just can not wrap my head around this kind of thinking.

  • Huh, interesting. I was actually more creeped out by the English bits not overlayed with German… the chillingly familiar catchphrases and mindset were far more bearable to hear and observe when filtered through a second language.