Quoting Quiverfull: Did You Know?

Quoting Quiverfull: Did You Know? December 16, 2012

QUOTING QUIVERFULL is a regular feature of NLQ – we present the actual words of noted Quiverfull leaders and ask our readers: What do you think? Agree? Disagree? This is the place to state your opinion. Please, let’s keep it respectful – but at the same time, we encourage readers to examine the ideas of Quiverfull honestly and thoughtfully.

Nancy Campbell – “Did You Know?” December 3, 2012


Did you know that most modern women menstruate about 400 times during their childbearing years? Did you know that this is ABNORMAL? God intended the ovaries to have resting times through pregnancy and lactation. Did you know this is one of the reasons why there is such an epidemic of ovarian and endometrial cancer?

Did you know that a hundred years ago women only ovulated about 100 times in their entire lifetime? Did you know that this is NORMAL for the female body? Did you know that every time a woman gets pregnant and bears a child, her lifetime risk of ovarian cancer drops 10 percent?

Did you know that women in their childbearing years are meant to be predominantly “suckling mothers” rather than “menstruating mothers”? This is far kinder to their female body and how God intended it to function.

Malcolm Gladwell quotes Drs. Coutinho and Segal when citing an anthropological work by scientist, Beverly Strassman in Mali, Africa. “Incessant ovulation serves no purpose except to increase the occurrence of abdominal pain, mood shifts, migraines, endometriosis, fibroids, and anemia.” And again, “Ovarian and endometrial cancer are characteristically modern diseases, consequences, in part, of a century in which women have come to menstruate 400 times in a lifetime.”


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  • thalwen

    Erm yeah… but hormonal birth control does the exact same thing, without all the risks and side-effects of pregnancy.

  • What thalwen said.

  • Rae

    Assuming that a woman is marrying and therefore first having sex at 18, and the age at which most women get their first period is 10-12… that means she’d menstruate about 70-100 times simply until she reaches an age where she can legally get married.

    Also, again, this is a case of patriarchy leaving no room for single women, but not really seeming to object to single men, thus inherently making it so that there always will be some women simply cannot conform to their patriarchy-appointed gender roles.

  • I understand the resting times from ovulation are good, but that can result from birth control, too, right? Yes, birth control can have other negative health effects, but so does childbearing. The damages from childbirth are one thing, but the stress, wear and tear from taking care of so many children over the years prematurely ages people.

  • Saturn500

    Dear Nancy: [citation needed]

  • Mary

    I’m currently a “suckling mother,” and while I’d have to say that pregnancy and breastfeeding are a lot of things, many of them wonderful, “Kind to the female body” is not among them.

    And while bearing and nursing children may reduce the risk of some kinds of reproductive cancers, prior to modern medicine, it was an extremely dangerous thing to do in itself. The number of ways pregnancy and childbirth can kill you is truly stunning.

  • naah

    And then women died in childbirth. A few still do (about 13 per 100,000 live births each year in the US). Since breastfeeding delays the return of ovulation by about 9 months, each pregnancy reduces the number of cycles by 18-20 but presents a small risk of death in childbirth.
    All sorts of cancer rates have gone up because people are living long enough to get them. We have to die of *something*.

  • SAO

    From the NIH review of studies in Israel and Wisconsin, in grand multiparas (women in their fifth or higher pregnancy) the risk of Postpartum hemorrhage (P.P.H.) was four times higher, premature separation of the placenta twice as frequent. Rupture of the uterus was about 20 times more frequent.

    100 years ago, rate of maternal mortality as a result of pregnancy and childbirth was 100 times higher than it is today.

    Too many pregnancies are hard on women’s bodies.

  • Lyn

    I read this on FB the other day and I just thought how unbelievably irresponsible and misleading this was. Their agenda can cost women their lives, their sanity and their sense of self worth. What terrible, terrible people. If women don’t believe all of their misinformation and propaganda who would be left to but their aprons and books and worship at their feet. They would be irrelevant and cease to be important to anyone. Bring on that day 🙂

  • There are so many health dangers to quiverful that it is dishonest to encourage it by talking of health benefits.

  • Nea

    Well, so much of the rest of the quiverfull philosophy is dishonest that they probably don’t notice one particular set of lies from the rest.

  • Karen

    sounds like a decent argument for hormonal birth control. to the pharmacy!

  • Nebuladance

    What they probably don’t want to hear, and don’t know since they’ve only quoted two doctors here is that cancers of ALL kinds have been on the rise since the industrial revolution, and the most recent studies, including meta-studies have found that it is largely due to our modern overly protein-rich diet. See The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or Nutritionfacts dot org for more information. 100-200 years ago only a sliver of the population could eat the way we do now.

    As others have pointed out, you could have 100 periods before even getting married at a relatively young age. And birth itself is still dangerous. I had a placental abruption (premature separation) with our fourth child, back when we still believed in QF, and a placenta previa with our fifth as a direct result of the scarring from the fourth. At which point my OB very wisely pointed out that if I were to become pregnant again I could very well have another one of these complications and hemorrhage to death. It STILL happens, no matter what people think to the contrary. Doctors are well trained but they are not gods.
    “Don’t you want to be a mother to the children you already have?” he asked. I had my tubes tied and have not regretted it for a single day.

  • Brennan

    Did you know that women have so many periods while on the Pill because its creators were trying to appease the Patriarchal anti-BC establishment with their backwards beliefs of what is “natural” for women?

    Here’s a life lesson for Nancy Campbell: if you quote the King James Version out of context, you might get away with it, but if you quote Malcolm Gladwell out of context, anyone can read the original article and tell you why you’re wrong.

  • Even assuming that everything said is true, none of that is good enough reason to bring a child into the world. Unless your list of reasons for having a child includes ‘want to have children’, nothing else matters.