Quoting Quiverfull – Only Anchors of the Home?

Quoting Quiverfull – Only Anchors of the Home? December 3, 2012

QUOTING QUIVERFULL is a regular feature of NLQ – we present the actual words of noted Quiverfull leaders and ask our readers: What do you think? Agree? Disagree? This is the place to state your opinion. Please, let’s keep it respectful – but at the same time, we encourage readers to examine the ideas of Quiverfull honestly and thoughtfully.

Nancy Campbell in Above Rubies March 8, 2011

It is innately within the female to love home, unless she has been brainwashed by the humanistic propaganda of our secular society. God created Adam before He created the garden home, but before He created the female He had the home waiting for her. She was created for the home. God gave her the home to be her nesting place, to raise her children, and as an opportunity for her creativity.

In Psalm 128 God paints a picture of a family that is blessed of the Lord. In verse 3 it pictures the wife in the very heart of her home. The Complete Jewish Bible translates it, “Your wife will be a like a fruitful vine in the inner parts of your house.” As you raise godly children in your home, you have the power to change the destiny of nations. It is also where you will find peace and rest.

God calls the home a “resting place” in Proverbs 24:15 and in Hosea 11:11 (Knox)  we read, “And in their own home, says the Lord, I will give them rest.” Not only does He call the home a place of rest, but a place of delight. Genesis 2:8 (Knox) says, “God had planted a garden of delight, in which he now placed the man he had formed.” The first home, which was the prototype of all homes to come, was a place of delight. God intends your home to be a delight. Why not start your morning prayer with, “How can I make my home a more delightful place today? How can I bring more enjoyment into my marriage relationship? How can I bring more pleasure into the lives of my children today?”

As females, we have the privilege to be the anchors of the home. To anchor our marriage in times of stress and turmoil, to anchor our children as they face the temptations and storms of life, and to anchor our home to be a secure rock and fortress in the midst of a perilous world. The home does not function effectively unless the mother is in the heart of the home and home is in her heart.

The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:27 “watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” The word ‘watches’ is the same Hebrew word that is used for the watchmen who watch over the city. Just as the men watch over the city gates, God has given the great task to the female to watch over and guard her home.

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  • Karen

    Ummmm, didn’t God create everything else before people? Including Eden?

  • What class is Nancy Campbell from? Wealthy middle class? Some women do not have a home to love. Some have only the right to take up a space as large as a matrass in someone else’s home. (I’ve been there.)

    Some have homes but don’t love being there – not because “she has been brainwashed by the humanistic propaganda of our secular society” – but because she is abused at home.
    Some are what we call “homeless?

    “You brainwashed homeless woman, you! Why don’t you love your home?” – Nancy Campbell
    “You daughter who is sexually abused at home, you are listening to too much secular propaganda if you do not love being at home!” – Nancy Campbell

  • Some people in my country (South Africa) live in tin shacks. The shacks are cold in winter and frying hot in summer, and often not completely rain-proof. If a shack dwelling woman try to go to any place (shop, bar, whatever) with real brick walls and a proper roof on hot or cold days, if she love being at a place with good temperature control, is she “brainwashed by the humanistic propaganda of our secular society”, and if so, where does she find the propoganda? In magazines she cannot afford? On TV she does not even have electricity for?

  • Marie

    I’ve never understood how QF people expect families to afford a delightful, beautiful home when they have so many mouths to feed with one income. I imagine most mothers barely having enough time to survive each day with sanity intact. Asking yourself how you can make your home and children happier is a lot to ask.

  • Retha, this perspective is invaluable. Thanks for sharing it. If women are supposed to love being at home because God designed it that way, this should apply to all women everywhere– not just the American middle class. One problem with Quiverfull teaching is that it is blind to its own cultural paradigms, and it perceives them as universal.