The Incredible Helplessness of Men: Lust Edition, Epilogue

The Incredible Helplessness of Men: Lust Edition, Epilogue December 7, 2012

by Sierra


Following up my last post about the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter affair, have a look at some of the comments on the article I cited.

Gross. Her skin is pasty, not attractive, especially when paired with a white bathing suit.
– Shelly, Nashville, USA, 20/6/2012 23:37

Jeez you have to be kidding, I am 71 and my body looks a damn site better than that.
– Nancy, Florida., 20/6/2012 22:23

She looks fetching??? She lookes more like she should be fetching a bone? I can’t believe this is what Edwards risked everything for. Pasty-white skin that is saggy and old looking wiht no morals whatsoever. Nice legacy for his children. I guess if the lights are low and she is good in bed he thought it was worth it. Woof!
– ARS, NYC, 20/6/2012 20:08

On my most desperate day, and after a six pack while doing shots of Tequila, even blindfolded the answer would still be no…without even a second thought. What the heck was he thinking. Is that the best a multi-millionaire lawyer with presidential aspirations can do? I mean..he is fooling around right? He could at least make it worth it. I could leave my desk right now, walk down to the supermarket parking lot and walk away with something better.
– resident, somewhere in America, 20/6/2012 20:07

Over-processed hair, droopy breasts, ugly swimsuit, fat mid-section that she thinks she is disguising with ugly swimsuit . . . what in the world did Edwards see in her? She could improve her appearance a little by putting some self-tanner on that pasty white skin.
– DSB, Houston, TX USA, 20/6/2012 19:53

If you had any doubt that what I described in the last post was patriarchy at work, I hope these have made the issue clearer. Confronted with the picture of a woman who delusionally pursued a married man and is now attempting to sell a memoir about it, after viciously attacking that man’s dying wife, what are the criticisms levied against her?

Pasty skin. An ugly swimsuit. “Droopy” breasts. “Fat” midsection.

And then there are all the assertions that (a) he could do better, (b) the commenter could do better or is better looking, (c) if you’re going to cheat, make it “worth it.” What’s the underlying belief here? That it would be somehow more reasonable to maintain a six-year affair in public office, even while your wife is dying of an excruciating disease, if the woman you’re cheating with were more attractive?

The Daily Mail is a piece of trash. But people read it. They comment on it. They say things like that. We live in that culture, whether we respect it or not. Now let’s get on with changing it, shall we?

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Sierra is a PhD student living in the Midwest. She was raised in a “Message of the Hour” congregation that followed the ministry of William Branham. She left the Message in 2006 and is the author of the blog  the phoenix and the olive branch

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  • Mayara

    I don’t understand people’s issues with “white skin”. People work in offices and get short vacations. Sunlight gives you skin cancer.
    What’s the attractive about dark skin? Or, better yet, what’s the attractive about ANY skin that isn’t natural to you?
    Because I’m white, quite white (for a Brazilian, I’m usually considered a “gringa” or American) and I don’t care. People think I should. Like the woman on the picture. But why should I?
    What makes a darker skin more worth it than my own? (the opposite holds true, as well, what makes a lighter skin more worth it than whoever’s own)

  • texcee

    Once upon a time, dark skins were a sign of slavery and laboring in the sun and/or of being of African heritage. White skin meant you were the pampered daughter of the plantation owner and the whiter the better. Nowadays, the opposite is true. As noted, white/pale skin means you toil in a cubicle farm (office) and never get outside. Tan/darker skin denotes a life of leisure where you have the time to lie on a beach, play tennis, lounge on a yacht, etc. Underneath, we’re all the same color. Skin color is a silly way to “judge” people.

  • alfaretta

    I guess the lesson from this is supposed to be that only women with flawless bodies should chase after married men? Or that men should only be tempted by attention from women with flawless bodies?

    It’s not just the patriarchal culture, although it is that. It’s also the fake beauty culture that holds that women must be physically perfect within a very restrictive standard in order to be desirable, or even presentable.

  • Mayara

    Yeah, but, technically, we still have dark skinned “low” people, like construction workers or farmers.
    It’s funny how not “any” tan is allowed, only the one you acquire “on purpose”.
    I know the history, but it just doesn’t make sense anymore (even under twisted notions of classes). Sadly most people don’t realize that.

  • Disgusting. The Daily Mail commenters said the sort of things you might expect to hear if a person had stolen a car, and not made it “worth it” by stealing a nice enough one! But a woman is not an object, she’s a person.

    As for whether white skin is attractive or not– I think it’s entirely beside the point.

  • Laura

    This is my own humble opinion.

    All of this is a distraction from what REALLY happened here, as well as with Petraeus and Broadwell, who appear to me to be two peas in a pod.

    It’s about two shallow people, who wouldn’t know honor and fidelity if they walked up and slapped them; who have tremendous, TREMENDOUS egos and at the same time a bottomless pit of a need to be stroked and flattered and adored. All four of these people. You get two people together like that and they mirror each other’s abyss.

    There’s nothing wrong with Rielle’s looks in this picture. She doesn’t have pasty skin or saggy breasts, she’s actually a nice-looking woman. But it wasn’t her looks that caused Edward to go after her, IMO, it was that she fed something in him that didn’t need to be fed. And vice-versa.

  • suzannecalulu

    The point is that the whole disgusting think-speak of patriarchy is firmly lodged into modern society, both what The Daily Mail and the commenters say. They push the thought that men are really controlled by their penises only and that women are less than human, just walking vagina/uterii.

  • Flower

    I thought her rather attractive, but she is not young. Women are supposed to look young forever, while a man can be considered desirable if he has money and is “powerful.” That is as long as as he seeks someone “worth it,” someone young. We live in a sick culture. It’s particularly sick and cruel what was done to the poor dying wife.

  • Helen

    “delusionally pursued a married man”

    Um, two to tango.

  • laura

    Ah – but one is a product of the other, yes? Women are competing against each other to meet extreme beauty standards because of the patriarchy. Objectifying women as a series of physical assets and body parts is one way to keep us in our place.