Laughter is Good Medicine: The “Learning” Channel?

Laughter is Good Medicine: The “Learning” Channel? January 8, 2013

“White Trash” isn’t a moniker that we use here but it is interesting that The Learning Channel seems determined to feature shows with a freak show element involving mostly Caucasians making fools of themselves. They might consider renaming the channel something like “White People Freak Show Channel”. Figures the Duggars show would be on this particular channel.



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  • Soldi

    As much as I agree with the overall disgrace of TLC, I would like to say Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo is about a family that loves each other and enjoys its time in the TV for what it is. It’s refreshing.

  • Soldi, I feel the same way about Honey Boo Boo. At first it squicked me out but once I got used to the fact that many of their life choices were different than mine I started to enjoy the fact that the kids has a voice in family decisions, the family is close, supportive and loving without the same sorts of tensions and recriminations you might see in a Quiverfull household.

  • Nancy B

    I think the best thing is to simply re-name it something other than The LEARNING Channel. The Voyeurism Channel, maybe. Or The Scripted But Pretending It’s Not Channel.

    I was caught up in “reality” shows as they debuted widely in the early 2000’s but after finding out how manipulated, scripted & rehearsed those candid shows were, I quit.

    Too many folks have had their lives ruined because LA showed up with camera crews.

    I especially hate to see how many of these programs are full of kids who deserve to grow up the way the rest of us did: with privacy, normalcy, and our intimate moments not filmed & broadcast to a worldwide audience.

    Some people say TV is good for families like the Duggars because the television crew brings the outside world close up to the isolated children. But I think that even IF one Duggar child is lured into a life not Duggarfied, there are untold numbers of young couple who made the decision to become Quiverfull by watching the “…and Counting!” programs.

    As far as Honey Boo Boo, I am not concerned that the mother has different fathers for her kids, although statistically the odds of abuse go up with new stepfathers/boyfriends. I’m concerned that the kids’ fathers have arrest records.

    I see that they are a nice, loving family. So why spoil that by sticking cameras in their faces and saying,”Alana look over HERE and say that to your Mom again…”

    I know reality TV families get paid. But is everything in this day & age for sale?