Quoting Quiverfull: Girls Self Policing Modesty?

Quoting Quiverfull: Girls Self Policing Modesty? January 9, 2013

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Michelle Duggar on Teaching Young Adults About Modesty – December 7, 2012

Because our family is so open and honest in our discussions, I find that my daughters are even more careful with their appearances. Their modesty is their own. They own it themselves. I’m not the one telling them what to wear. As my 12-year-old girls are growing and maturing, sometimes I’ll have to mention to them when things are getting too snug or revealing. I realize it may be their favorite blouse or T-shirt from last season, but they’re growing up a little bit more and things don’t fit the same way now. The girls appreciate it and acknowledge that they didn’t even realize that the clothes were becoming more revealing. Sometimes they just need someone to help them notice.

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  • Nea

    I’m not the one telling them what to wear…

    … just the one telling them that their favorite clothes make them look slutty.

  • Nightshade

    Let them once, just ONCE, make their own decision to wear something that Mamma thinks is less than perfectly modest…then we’ll see if it’s their own modesty at work here.

  • She may not be telling them what to where, but they live in an environment where what they are expected to wear has been made very plain to them. They “own” their modesty because ownership of any other approach to dress is not allowed.

  • Whoops! I meant “what to WEAR.”

  • saraquill

    Is Mrs. Duggar at all aware that she’s contradicting herself in the same paragraph?

    Also, the problem is the person staring at the 12 year old’s chest, not the minor in question.

  • megaforte84

    Also, they don’t actually own their clothes. In a hand-me-down system like the Duggars have, anything Mrs. Duggar considers ‘outgrown’ likely isn’t going to be available to be worn after the next laundry run.

    And anything she would consider immodest at any age is never going to be purchased in the first place – from the few episodes I’ve watched, it seems they purchase clothing in bulk under the assumption all of it will eventually fit someone at some time in the future, so at least for the kids who aren’t nearing their final growth spurts everyday clothing may not have been purchased specifically for them as individuals in the first place.

    The kids might pick what they are going to wear, but if another option besides ‘what Mom wants me to wear’ is never available to them is it really a choice?

  • Meggie

    This is quite funny considering the way JoyAnna has been dressed recently. Joy is so different in shape to her sisters and all she has to wear are her sisters hand me downs. As Joy is broader across the shoulders and hips, almost every shirt she has is tight. How can Michelle say she points out when the clothes are too tight yet only give JoyAnna the option of wearing tight clothes?

  • Rebecca W.

    Way to make pre-adolescent girls extremely self conscious and obsessed with their appearance. You know how hard it is to overcome that *@&#?