Quoting Quiverfull: Hitler Again?

Quoting Quiverfull: Hitler Again? January 28, 2013

Colin Campbell, husband of Nancy Campbell. Posted at his blog on Above Rubies and his Facebook page “Meat for Men”


God is looking for men who are not afraid to think outside the box, men who are wise enough to realize that thinking within the box is often the wrong way to think.

We have all heard the maxim, “When everyone is going east, go west, my son.” Mankind is afflicted with a weakness to follow the crowd. It gives them comfort and security.

Communism swept through Eastern European in the 20th century and the shaking fists of working crowds joined in. Soon the shouting crowds became millions who believed an ideology that turned all Eastern Europe and much of Asia into being dumbed down and repressed by oppressive headstrong regimes. Crowds of Germans followed Hitler’s drumbeat of aggression and world dominion, slaughtering millions of Jews and others whom he deemed as expendable.

The truth is that the further we stray from God’s truth, the more open to deception we become. This is the grave danger we face in 21st century America.

More coming. Be encouraged. Colin

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  • Mayara

    I may be reading this wrong, but is he saying that Hitler was a communist? Cause that would be hilarious.

  • That’s sort of how I’m reading it too! Hitler the Communist! Ha! Why is it so many of the QF men seem to need classes in history and biology?

  • I agree that it’s very amateurish writing.
    Also ironic that he encourages “thinking outside the box” when what he really means is “climb into the box our movement has designed. See how shiny and pretty it is [on the outside]?”

  • Tori

    “The truth is that the further we stray from God’s truth, the more open to deception we become. This is the grave danger we face in 21st century America.
    More coming. Be encouraged.”

    This dude really needs to look up the meaning of the word “encouraged”.

  • Lolly

    First, he wants men to think within a very small box. Second, I’m pretty sure there are at least three porn sites called Meat for Men.

  • saraquill

    And the great roar this writer hears is ten million strong screaming “GODWIN”S LAW!”

  • Rae

    Yeah, I was pretty much thinking that the communists fought *against* Hitler…

    Of course, it’s likely that they thought communism = socialism, and that the kind of “socialism” in the “National Socialist Party” from which the Nazi’s got their name is the exact same kind of socialism that people mean when they say it (and equate it with communism) today.

  • OregonianWinter

    Exactly. Anytime I see Hitler in a blog post or a forum thread, all I can ever think is Godwin’s Law. That and people really need to expand their study of history. I just finished reading about the fall of the Roman Republic and the decades leading up to and during and after are full of tyrants and despots and nasty politicians to choose from. But that would involve thinking outside of the box and beyond the last thirty years or so and we can’t have that nowcan we?

  • lucrezaborgia

    Makes it easier to hide your porn habit if the tabs look the same.

  • ixo

    The Nazis were really commies is a favorite of right wingers. (They actually use the NSDAP = socialist party line as an argument.) I see it as a defense mechanism, the people who argue like that share a lot of their views with the Nazis, but don’t want to be seen as Nazis, so they try to weasel their way out.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    The thing is, he is touching on some legitimate points about Hitler and Nazism (well, just barely grazing…). I agree that human beings seem to a have a weakness for taking the path of least resistance and following the crowd. I think this tendency has been the cause of a great deal of evil in this world, including the Nazi regime–you just need a few really, really bad people to manipulate the easily-manipulated into following their agenda.

    Here’s the thing. Look at the ideology this guy follows and promotes? The obsession with authoritarianism, with pro-natalism, the near-worship of a few highly charismatic leaders, the quashing of critical thinking. Gee what does this sound like? If we’re going to wonder who would have jumped wholeheartedly onto the Nazi bandwagon in a different place and time, I know who MY money’s on.

    He’s right that people who uncritically follow can be very dangerous. That’s why people like him scare the crap out of me!

  • thalwen

    Well NAZI has “socialist” in the name, obviously it means that it is a socialist regime, the fact that they very neatly fit into the totalitarian fascist model is just an inconvenience. Facts have a liberal bias after all, they need to be unskewed and voila, Hitler was a Communist (who was all for social justice, health care and women’s rights)

  • A question to Colin:
    He say God wants men not afraid to go a different direction from everyone else. Does this count for women and children too, or should they follow their husbands/ fathers in his view? Is Nancy and his children welcome to ” When everyone is going east, go west”?