Spiritual Abuse at The ROC: Following God

Spiritual Abuse at The ROC: Following God January 20, 2013

by Following God

(Editor note: People coming out of The ROC have been congregating online at the Richmond Outreach Center Recovery Group on Facebook. Their mission is to help disillusioned former members of The ROC in their recovery from spiritual abuse. This young lady’s story is a brief one but she wishes to share why she left. We will be publishing others reflections on leaving as we get them. It shows that spiritual abuse can look like many different things, up to and including exclusionary cliques. )

I went through at The Richmond Outreach Center also known as the ROC. At first I used to be so looking forward to going there every week when I started to take dance classes at the youth center.

I would like to thank them for getting me started to be a dancer because dance is my passion for life and I love performing!!!! But a few years later back in 2010 I felt that things were getting kind if weird because I was made fun of and the certain folks there were very cold to me!!! That made me a bit bitter in my heart and I always felt discouraged is because I’ve noticed they picked who is the favorite of the church so that’s one of the reasons God laid it in my heart to leave that place!!!!

The only thing that ever made me happy there is I got my start dancing and it will always be in my life for ever and ever and I will always cherish my passion!!!! I just thank God that I am out of there because its like a breath of fresh air!!! Now I am still dancing and if anyone needs anybody to dance in a function just let me know!!!! I just hope people will see the light who are still there!!!! I just feel the truth is coming!!!! Thanks for reading my story!!!

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  • Tori

    Ok…. she needs a nice quite retreat, or some prozac. bless her, I hope she is going to be okay.

  • teasugarsalt

    Good on her, listening to the still, small voice and doing what had to be done. Too many authoritarian religious groups seek to deliberately stifle that voice, which I believe is the Holy Spirit speaking to us. That’s not godly, that’s evil.