Suggestions to End Clergy Abuse

Suggestions to End Clergy Abuse January 16, 2013

Posted today at Richmond Outreach Center Recovery Group:

Good advice for any church or organization.

The following recommendations were made by a former member of the First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana for consideration by their newly appointed pastor to circulate widely amongst all those in his church, school and college, especially those who receive pay from his organization. I can think of another organization that could benefit from these instructions:

1) If someone comes to you for prayer, counseling, advice or support, DON’T ASSAULT THEM!

2) If you are counseling, advising or supporting a victim of sexual abuse, DON’T RAPE THEM! This is both ineffective and illegal.

3) Use the BUDDY SYSTEM! If you are not able to stop yourself from assaulting others, do not go out in public without a buddy who will remind you not to do so. Said buddy should be tough on you, not someone who worships you and will give in to your every desire, whim, and wish.

4) CARRY A WHISTLE! If you are worried you might assault someone on accident, hand your potential victim the whistle and ask him/her to blow it as loudly as they are able. Remember: They should ONLY blow the whistle. They should blow nothing other than the whistle.

5) When you see someone sitting, standing or walking by themselves, leave them alone! If you cannot leave them alone, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can and immediately contact your buddy.

6) If you are in the office with someone else, DON’T ASSAULT THEM!

7) If you are provided with a secretary or assistant to help you with your work duties, please remember it is not within their job description to help you cover up your assaults, rapes or otherwise attacks on others. It is also not in their job descriptions to be assaulted themselves either.

8) Always be honest with others! Do not pretend to be their advisor, counselor, supporter, or friend in order to gain their trust if you plan on assaulting or seducing them. Please realize that if you do not clearly communicate your intentions, those who come to you for prayer, counseling, advice or support may take that as a sign that you do NOT intend on assaulting, seducing and/or raping them. This causes confusion and angst. If it is your intention to assault them and or/rape them, tell them clearly at the beginning of your meeting, ask for their consent in writing and ask two witnesses to sign such consent. Please note: all signatures must be those over eighteen years of age. Please get paper with all signatures notarized prior to taking any action so no one can say they thought you were simply providing them with prayer, advice, counsel or support.

9) Under absolutely NO circumstances may you ever assault or rape anyone under the age of 18. If anything about this statement is unclear to you, please run to your nearest police station, call 911, or contact the child’s parent prior to acting on any of your impulses and ask for clarification.

10) If you are unclear about anything outlined above, or you believe you see a loophole, or you believe there is a special circumstance in which anything stated above does not apply to you, DO NOT ASSAULT OR RAPE ANYONE! Please see a HR representative, a legal counselor, a local police officer, or an FBI agent prior to taking any action. If none of these resources are available to you, please call 911 and seek advice from the operator.

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  • Teri Anne

    This is satire lampooning the restrictions women are given to avoid rape: do not go out at night, avoid tight clothing and so forth. These suggestions are extremely obvious to any man who is capable of getting through seminary, and equally obvious to everyone else. The pastors who seduce or rape already know what they are doing is wrong, but they do not care. They think they are above common morals and decency, and no list of suggestions will change their behavior.

  • Funny posting, but goes to show that just because you are a member of the clergy or work in a church, it does not make you a better person. We give way to much leeway and too little accountability to men of the cloth.

  • Great satire.

    I have had numerous commenters on my blog attempt to defend Jack Schaap’s behavior. “he fell into sin.” no, he ran into in. “he fell just like the rest of us.” no, not all of us seek out minors to have sex with.

    If the issue for Schaap was a lack of sexual fulfillment in his marriage he could have worked on making his sex life better. Or he could have an affair with an adult woman or hired a prostitute. Lots of options, yet he chose to have sex with a minor he was counseling. He is the adult, an older man. He had all the power necessary to control himself. He chose not to. As a society, we draw a legal line at having sex with minors, children, our own children, and those we exercise power and authority over. Schaap, like all preachers, knew the rules and ignored them anyway.

    Every preacher who has ever counseled women has been in situations where there was opportunity for misconduct. Perhaps, one of the answers is not to put yourself in those situations. Early on in the ministry, I started passing off women who needed counseling to other women in the church. In cases where I couldn’t do that, I made sure the office door was open or my wife was present. (I can say I had sex with my secretary) 🙂 what happened to avoiding the very appearance of evil?

    Personally, I think most pastors are ill-qualified to counsel anyone. I know I wasn’t. There were countless times I should have referred people to professionals. Instead, I took the shallow, the Bible has all the answers and will fix what ails you, approach.