Defining Atheism?

Defining Atheism? February 3, 2013

From An atheist page on Facebook by Jeffrey Witthauer in response to a critic.

Tony – So, let me get this straight. You come to my post where I talk about my past and my childhood, and you become unnecessarily combative over something as ridiculous as a semantic discussion.

If you define atheism as “not believing in god”, NGT is an atheist. If you define agnosticism as “not believing in god,” NGT is an agnostic. The important point is that NGT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD. He chooses not to be active in the atheist community (though frankly he’s far more active than he likes to admit, having delivered some remarkable speeches and lectures about the fallibility of religion), and I respect that. But no matter what you call him, he does not believe in god.

In common parlance, that makes him an atheist. That term has been so demonized by the religious that he does not wish to claim it, but that changes nothing.

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