Quoting Quiverfull: Dare to be Different?

Quoting Quiverfull: Dare to be Different? February 1, 2013

Colin Campbell Meat for Men at Above Rubies January 29, 2013

The “box” represents the ways of human wisdom. People who think outside the box have taken time to think wisely about what is in the box. If what’s in the box takes us away from the time-tested truths of God’s Word and the godly foundations of our national constitution, it would be wise to get out of the box as quickly as possible.

Parents who homeschool have considered what’s in the box of public education and they dare to be different. State schooling conforms to humanistic society and the box is getting dirtier by the day.

Parents who make the wise decision, based on Scripture, to have the children God wants them to have, dare to be different. They have considered what’s in the box of popular opinion that believes that one or two children is enough. They understand that this box is full of selfish, non-sacrificial foolishness that will not build nations, but rather destroy nations.

Husbands and wives who fear God and want to keep their marriage together have to think outside the box of much marriage counseling. These days divorce is quite okay inside the box.

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