Quoting Quiverfull: Give To Receive?

Quoting Quiverfull: Give To Receive? February 10, 2013

Kelly Crawford from Generation Cedar – February 7, 2013

I have lived through turbulent economic crises, we have been the scorn of those wondering why we would be so “irresponsible” to have children on such a tight budget, we have been to the desperate place of, “What are we going to do?” and I have seen God do the unthinkable and miraculous on our behalf. He is a faithful Father, and though hardship can and will come, I have never seen Him forsake the righteous.

When we give to Him what is His, He promises to take care of our needs and I think we need a grass-roots return to that fundamental truth in a way that causes us to live out our faith in shoe leather.

And beyond His provision, I believe He wants our homes to be beacons, even financially, providing enough even to always be ready and willing to extend our hands to the needy around us.

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  • Perhaps someone else knows this, who has better Bible knowledge than me: She says God want our homes to be beacons. I think He wants us, not our places of residence, to be beacons?

  • Liz R.

    They would have far more to extend to the needy without all those mouths to feed. Just saying. 🙂

  • Jenny Islander

    Indeed, people are told to be lights, salt, etc., and the directions for home life are all about how the people actually living in the homes treat each other–not about how they look to others.

  • teachergirl

    Ah yes, Kelly from Generation Cedar who was the recepient of much charity when her house was destroyed by a tornado but rareky extends any charity to anyone else. She also is pregnant again, rations food, locks up food, and refuses to use her college degree to make a better life for her family. Instead, she and her husband rely on his spotty employment to keep them afloat. Go back through her blog. Her children are the ones who are suffering from their ideology. I feel that God would want his people to take care of their children first along with using their brains.

  • saraquill

    She is decidedly vague on how divine intervention will keep her children full, warm, and cared for.

  • teachergirl

    But he just will….that is what they ALL think. Her children literally go without and what is scary is how they start to justify the basics as “luxuries:. Read that entire post: she basically thinks children should have to be mindful of utilities, work to help pay for a meal out and other nonsense. They just wont chage their way of thinking because it might just cause them to admit it has flaws. If you want even more crazy, check out Kimberly from Raising Olives. She takes frugality and denying her children to a whole new level.

  • Why do I get the feeling that only the survivors of this type of lifestyle are allowed to have their voices heard? The people for whom the cavalry really did arrive in the nick of time. I suspect the people whom it doesn’t work out for, end up selling up and becoming dependent on State aid, at which point they’re probably rejected as not living the proper lifestyle, having enough faith, etc.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Chervil

    These types of posts where they teach their kids to be mindful if their possessions and the praise comments are ironic considering how their preachers and politicians encourage squandering natural resources and treating the planet like their personal toilet.

  • teachergirl

    Yes and no on the state aid. Many of them just make do and have their children suffer because of their pride. There is also the issue of what happens when the patriarch dies. Kelly’s friend and neighbor died in the tornado leaving 13 children and no breadwinner but that’s okay because God will provide. They would rather be cold, hungry, have no education opportunities, work outside the home, then bend to what they call “cultural pressure”. They almost take pride in their lifestyle and how frugal they can be. Poor Kelly Bradrick is stuck heating hot water daily for bathing her 5 children under 5 because her husband doesnt buy a hot water heater. His comment on FB, how amazing his wife is. Get a water heater. Seriously.

  • Chervil

    Yes, why all the.frugality if God will provide? Where’s God’s hot water heater? Is this like anti hoarding? It seems like a lot if excuses for why you don’t have 2 nickels to rub together.