Quoting Quiverfull: Role of a Help Meet?

Quoting Quiverfull: Role of a Help Meet? February 7, 2013

Michael Pearl in “In Search of a Help Meet”

Be warned, there is a general misunderstanding, among both men and women, as to the nature of a help meet. Eve was not created to just carry extra weight on the trail, or to speed up the process of gathering fire wood, or to dry the figs after Adam picked them, as useful as those things may be. For two men could work together just as effectively. Wives are meant to be something much more than an assistant in the business of life. They are not God’s wedding gift of a lifetime servant or an extra hand on the farm or in business. Eve was created to be the helper of Adam’s soul, to complete his personality and emotional being.

You need a help meet in more ways that just a sanctified lover. I said you will have to be married some time before you discover how that little lady can meet those needs that you don’t yet know you have.

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  • Whether for physical, emotional, spiritual, or logistical needs, if you take from her without meeting her needs equally, she is still being used.

  • Cathy W

    “that little lady”? Really?

  • saraquill

    Isn’t he one of those people who say that men are the ones who, by virtue of having penises, are all clergy and must be the spiritual paragons of women?

  • Stacey B.

    “That little lady” Yuck. Just yuck. I hate the words these Fundamentalists use to describe women.

  • Jenny Islander

    Any discussion of the role of women that does not acknowledge that both God and Eve are described as “an help” (KJV) and the original Hebrew also uses the exact same word in all of these verses is headed down a rabbit trail to a very bad place. Should God Most High be described as “that little deity?”

  • No, Michael, Eve’s being the “helper of Adam’s soul” is NOT synonymous with a purpose to “complete his personality and emotional being.” Woman is not an extension of man. She is not that extra piece that HE gets to add to HIS personality. She is not the topping on HIS emotional cake. She is a human being in her own right, with her own personality and emotional being. The “help” the first woman gave the first man in the Genesis accounts was to “help” him not be alone– that is, to be another complete human being besides himself, so that there could be human-to-human interdynamics. Not so that she could be an extension of his self-to-self absorption.

  • Lolly

    He’s so cute when He’s wrathful.