Quoting Quiverfull: Trusting in Wisdom?

Quoting Quiverfull: Trusting in Wisdom? February 9, 2013

by Nancy Campbell at Above Rubies “Whose Wisdom Do We Trust?” – February 6, 2013

I was inspired recently by reading again Psalm 104:24, “”O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in WISDOM hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.”

There are endless numbers of scientific books which tell us of the intricate wonders of God’s creatures. We could go on and on, but what about the zebras? Did you know that no zebra has two stripes exactly alike? Everyone is different.

What about the Emperor Penguins? They live in the Antarctic, the coldest place on earth with winds as high as 100 mph. The female lays her egg at the beginning of winter and then the male cares for the baby-egg. He holds it on the top of his toes, keeping it off the ice so it won’t freeze. Plus, God created a thick fold of skin on his belly which hangs down like a blanket to cover the egg to keep it warm in the freezing conditions. God thought of every tiny thing.

I can’t resist reminding you about one more. Most caterpillars only live a few weeks before turning into moths. However, the Arctic woolly-bear caterpillar lives for 14 years as a caterpillar! Late in the summer the woolly-bear starts making antifreeze. As the temperature freezes, the caterpillar’s gut freezes, then it completely freezes (not even a breath or beating heart) until it thaws out in the spring. God enables this little caterpillar to remember to make the antifreeze each year and then survive 13 winter freezes!

However, God’s highest creation is the male and female. He also made us with His perfect wisdom. Every part of our body is planned by the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Eternal Architect. It makes me wonder why we mortals think we know better than God. So many, even those who say they believe in God, reject the way God created them. They have tubal ligations and vasectomies to make sure God’s perfect plan cannot work. If they don’t have surgery, at least they’ll use some form of birth control to make sure their fertility, designed by God, is ineffective. In doing so, they deny their Creator and His wisdom.

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  • Oh, so true! Which is why I’m sure Nancy Campbell lives exactly as God created her; using just a cave for shelter (not building a house, that would be knowing better than God!), and eating only the food she can catch with her hands, or naturally occurring fruit, grains and vegetables. And clothing herself in vegetable matter and animal skins. If only we all had such great faith!

  • Nancy B

    So, Nancy Campbell gets all of her science education from third grade books? Hey Nancy there’s a whole lot more to being human than reproduction. You’re very much like the blind man feeling the elephant’s tail. And sadly, your obsession with “the miracle of life” has ruined many lives just to line your pockets.

    Why not change business models and start selling way over-priced prepper supplies to Christians who obsess unhealthily about the Book of Revelation? The money is better, and unlike childbirth, I haven’t heard of many preppers dropping dead after storing their twelth or fifteenth pallet of dried fruit.

    And you can also sell to non-believers. HUGE market. They’re not holy but they’re holy terrified. They won’t buy your, ” reproduce unto dire poverty” but they will drain their savings to “prepare” for one apocalypse or another.

    I’m sure Jim Bakker will cut you in. Just remember to frighten the elderly (easy) lie about the president and the government (way easy) and use whichever Bible verses will sell those water purifiers and sacks of dehydrated corn. (Even if the verse is a quick aside to an Old Testament slave, you can tell everyone it is the ultimate message from God to THEM that no man noticed before until God woke you up and said,” READ THIS! And tell my people to buy freeze dried lasagne ye woeful generation!”)

    You can DO this. As Jim found out, just try to stay away from timeshares. Anything else seems to be a protected gold mine.

    Do it for the KIDS Nancy. They’ve had enough.

  • stairway to heaven

    God also gave us the ability to invent automobiles through his wisdom and the ability to drive them. Go sit in one, close your eyes, put it in gear, step on the accelerator, trust in God’s wisdom and see what happens. God also gave some people a brain and the ability to use it.

  • revsharkie

    Some of these folks act as though they think God gave them brains only as temptations to be overcome.

  • Stacey B.

    God also gave us the wisdom to do what is right for our bodies and our children. For example, Nancy, God gave us the brain to think and say: “I want to provide the best quality of life for my children, so I will only have two children, instead of ten, so I will be able to devote a large amount of attention to each child.”
    God gives us doctors and nurses, Nancy, so that they might be able to help us make the best decision on wheher to have a surgery or not to prevent us from having children.
    God also gave us the gift of tolerance, Nancy, so that we do not look down on or belittle those who do not share our beliefs.
    Most important of all, God also gave us common sense, Nancy, so that when we read your words on a computer screen we can say “Geez, this woman is off her rocker!”

  • Guest

    Sooo, Nancy. Got a question for you….what about those of use who can’t have kids? No, not because we had abortions, or took birth control, or what ever other reason you want to dream up where we went against God’s will. What if it was a medical condition that we did nothing to cause? Meaning, dear Nancy, that it was something that GOD allowed to happen? Where do women like us fit into your have-kids-until-you-drop philosophy? Do we have any value at all in your world? (Not that I particularly care if I have value in your world, but the question remains.)

  • Persephone

    Exactly. They seem to have no problem receiving medical treatment for cancer, even though the cancer must be God’s will, or if they have an injury. Do they deny themselves all preventative care, such as blood pressure medication, anti-cholesterol treatment, water filters, sunscreen, etc.?

    I can remember reading back in the 70’s about high demand religious groups, and how the illness and death rate was much higher for women and children in these organizations because women and children require more medical attention (pregnancies for women, weaker immune systems in children), but they were often denied this care as part of the religion.

    But this is something endemic in patriarchy, and not just in fundamentalists, but also in that supposed hotbed of left-wing rot known as academia. The focus has been on men, with women and children being collateral, not even necessarily contextual. Evolutionary biology, sociology, anthropology, history, medicine, and on and on.

  • saraquill

    A wise, thoughtful being that is easily thwarted by birth control? Way to insult G-d, Nancy.

  • Nea

    Have you heard the glurge-y song “Jesus Take the Wheel”? It pretty much advocates exactly that kind of driving, and that the singer didn’t die in a fiery wreck is proof of God’s love.

  • Never mind that most species other than humans have offspring that die at horrific rates, thereby necessitating breeding like there is no tomorrow. Except roaches…I’m not quite sure Nancy would think that roaches are perfectly formed.

  • “So many, even those who say they believe in God, reject the way God created them. They have tubal ligations and vasectomies to make sure God’s perfect plan cannot work. If they don’t have surgery, at least they’ll use some form of birth control to make sure their fertility, designed by God, is ineffective. In doing so, they deny their Creator and His wisdom.” – Nancy Campbell

    “So many, even those who say they believe in God, reject the way God created them.
    > They wear shoes, to make sure God’s perfect plan for feeling and experiencing what is underfoot will not work.
    > They cut hair and shave beards, to make sure God’s wonderfull plan for hair covering does not work.
    > They wear clothing, being unsatisfied with the skin God gave them.
    … In doing so, they deny their Creator and His wisdom.” – similar arguments

    Why should I accept the former argument if Nancy and her family trim their hair, wear shoes and clothes and do other things that “deny the Creator and his wisdom” in how he made their bodies?

  • thalwen

    So… either God or evolution has led to animals having certain traits to help them survive in the environment they live and that’s an argument against birth control? We, as humans, have the ability to come up with the ability to create things in order to compensate for our environmental deficiencies. We don’t have fur or scales, so we come up with clothes to protect us. We don’t have claws and sharp teeth so we come up with hunting instruments. It doesn’t matter whether God made us or not, the way we are – we rely on our ability to come up with external solutions to our problems no less than a zebra relies on its stripes to escape predators. So, in order to deal with the problems of overpopulation and unwanted pregnancy, we come up with birth control and that is no less natural than any other thing we do to survive as a species.

  • stairway to heaven

    Nature does use birth control. There are lots of diseases that affect pregnancy in various species. Brucellosis in ungulates causes abortion and is passed easily in dense populations. More likely though is starvation which not only kills directly but also lowers pregnancy rates.