Another Duggar Baby On The Way

Another Duggar Baby On The Way March 11, 2013

Turns out that Josh and Anna Duggar just announced they are pregnant with number three.  People magazine  ran this piece in their magazine and website:

The pitter-patter of little feet may sound more like a stampede at a Duggar get-together – and this summer the volume is due to increase.

The famously fertile family of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting have another baby on the way. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest child, Josh, and his wife, Anna, tell PEOPLE they are expecting their third child. They are already parents to daughter Mackynzie, 3, and son Michael, 21 months.

“It is very exciting,” says Josh, 25. “It’s fun for Michael and Mackynzie being so close in age and this baby will be, too. We feel very blessed and happy.”

Anna, 24, had taken a pregnancy test when the family visited Asia for 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia (premiering Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC), but it was negative. “I thought for sure I was pregnant and so I was a little disappointed,” she says. “But two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant.”

After confirming the pregnancy and telling Josh, Anna and Duggar cousin Amy planned a family meal with baby carrots, baby corn and tiny cherry tomatoes to break the news to everyone else.

“Josh and Anna are great parents,” says Jim Bob, 47. “It is neat to see their family expanding. I remember those days when Michelle and I went from one to three because we had Josh and then we had twins. It is a great start.”

Feeling Great

About six months into her pregnancy, Anna says she’s feeling great.

“I got sick overseas and then when I returned home, I was then into the morning sickness,” she says. “But now, I have more energy than I ever had before.”
Josh says that after his parents’ miscarriage in 2011 and the pain of losing the baby girl they named Jubilee, he hoped for a happy outcome for this pregnancy.

“With my mom’s last pregnancy there are questions and the fear of every expectant parent that this could end,” says Josh. He and Anna also went through their own miscarriage in 2010. “There is always some sort of risk with pregnancy and you never really know.”

Anna says that the losses have made her remember to be grateful for each day.

“We have learned to cherish each day,” she says. “Jubilee has affected our lives, and every child is so special regardless of how long their life is.”

Another M?

With two names starting with M in their family, will Josh and Anna continue the naming tradition?

“We’ve been throwing around name ideas and we are pretty certain we have it down to two,” Josh says. “We will have to see.”

As for the gender of the baby, the couple knows but is not sharing – for now. Until then, the whole Duggar clan is getting involved. Josh’s sister, Jill, 21, is a student midwife and has been assisting the couple and will be on-hand for their birth at an area birthing center.

Meanwhile, Jim Bob and Michelle, 46, are preparing to be grandparents again. “Being a grandpa is really special because Josh and Anna live only eight miles away and our kids and their kids almost consider themselves brothers and sisters,” he says. “They love playing together.”

Guessing the apple isn’t falling far from the tree. Thoughts?

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  • Somehow I believed that these two wouldn’t go through with the quiverful idea. I don’t know why – I watched the latest episodes in a bulk and thought that Anna seemed to be getting quite annoyed with her lifestyle. I mean, I feel like she has changed a lot since the wedding episode, the make up, the dress, the behavior (she makes fun of Josh in front of the camera!). I felt she was getting a bit more ‘worldly’.
    Well, nevertheless I wish them all the best and hope for a safe birth and a healthy baby.

  • Nea

    I do not wish to make light of miscarriage, which is devastating to hopeful parents. But it is also common – so I’m trying to understand how the Duggars as a group can simultaneously see miscarriages as a sad thing that happens due to biological risks when they *also* view Michelle’s first miscarriage as a direct punishment from God and a sign to become quiverfull.

  • I remember them saying they would be happy with just 2 kids, but would take whatever the Lord gave them. It gave me the impression they didn’t want a huge family–they really just wanted two. But they value being obedient to their belief system more. It makes me kind of sad.

  • I wonder if and how much they were paid to allow People to make the announcement.

  • alr

    Over on a forum I read, people are discussing how the older girls are not yet married because “young marriage” is not what is done in the Duggars’ belief system and the girls have aspirations for college that they surely will complete first. *headdesk* It is really disgusting how this family manages to put such a fake and glossy sheen on patriarchy movements.

  • Notice now that one of the girls is studying to be a midwife. Another hint of patriarchy, only a few acceptable occupations for persons of the female persuasions.

  • Rhonda

    I really would like to say this is none of any ones business since they are a self-supporting family. They seem to have a lifestyle that anyone should envy. Maybe we could all learn from them. Congratulations Josh and Anna.

  • texcee

    I find it interesting that only Josh is married, while his adult sisters are still at home tending the brood and being slaves. I’d guess that Jim Bob won’t approve marriage for them until their usefulness to the household has diminished.

  • Tori

    I’m glad that Josh and Anna seem to be so happy. but that’s the problem, SEEM. I’ve been released from that kind of bondage (kind of) because although my child is the result of a sexual assault, my family believe I should raise her alone until she is sixteen as “penance”. They are NOT happy about my current boyfriend. On the upside, they have backed off with the constant questions about more babies and marriage.

  • alfaretta

    It would be none of anyone’s business if they hadn’t spent the last several years letting cameras and reporters follow them everywhere. As for envying, my first thought when I saw this headline was that I feel sorry for anyone born into this system, including Josh, Anna, and all their current and future children. (Never Quiverfull, but born into a large patriarchal family — still recovering after almost 40 years as a legal adult.)

  • madame

    Congratulatins, Josh and Anna!
    I hope the baby is born healthy and she has a safe delivery.
    I also hope that they, and any other children of QF families, find the freedom to decide for themselves how many children to have, what education to give them, etc….
    Jim Bob and Michelle made their choices, which I’m sure raised more than one eyebrow from someone they cared about. I hope they truly free their children to be adults and parents in their own right, not in their shadow.

  • saraquill

    NO. Helping is fine. Do NOT have Jill, still unlicensed, do the bulk of the delivery. Have people who are certified by the state look after your wife.

  • Sandy

    When I saw the title, I assumed it was Michelle. I figured JimBob would have here pumping out babies until menopause.
    Tori, your situation sounds interesting. Penance? For a sexual assault? I see another NLQ story coming.

  • Yes, how they emphaized the “just two or three” thing also gave me the impression that they didn’t want to follow it all the way through. But heck, let’s wait another 4 years. Maybe they’ll really settle for 3 or 4. Not that I think that they couldn’t finance it, I’m sure they can as long as they keep the show running. But, imo, I don’t think it would be good for either Anna’s health nor the fact that their days, too, have only 24 hours and you can only care for so many kids in that time.

  • Nea

    1) If they don’t want their lives to be other people’s business, they shouldn’t be on TV.

    2) They *aren’t* self-supporting. A significant part of their income comes from thrusting themselves in front of the camera, and worse, thrusting their children in front of the camera. The children have had no say in having their privacy ripped away.

    3) Envy their lifestyle? No, every time I hear about them, I become more thankful that my father earned his own wages for to provide for our family and didn’t make his money by selling his wife or children to the TV.

    4) Learn from them? What, how to treat your family as a circus act for your personal glory and financial gain?

    Maybe the lesson here is that Jim Bob is a politer form of pimp. It’s certainly the one I’ve learned from watching him and his family in action.

  • invidosa

    I was weirded from sentence 1, but not totally creeped until the last paragraph. There is just something soooo brainwashey and creepy about the grandkids and the kids feeling like siblings! Ugh! Weird! As if the son is some kind of freaky extension of the dads penis.

  • Nea

    I certainly agree with your last sentence, but I had to respond to the sibling thing… my grandmother was one of 11 – not a quiverful thing, a turn-of-the-century farm family thing – and by the time you got to the second spouses of the first few kids, there were grandchildren the same age as the kids growing up in the original family. So it does make sense that the kids who are close in an age range will consider each other siblings… moreso than an actual sibling that is much older and acting as supplementary parental authority.

    Even as a full adult, it is odd to me at family reunions to meet someone who is my “rank” in the family (grandchild) but who is the age of my parents, and I have more in common with the others my age regardless of their spot in the family tree.

  • alr

    Nea–That’s my husband’s father’s family as well. My father-in-law’s father died when he was very young and it was his oldest brother who was a father to him as he grew up, even more convenient as that brother had kids his age. My father-in-law’s nephews who are his age are more like siblings to him. For my husband, the children of his first cousins are the ones in his age group.

  • Independent Thinker

    I am not completely surprised. Remember the Duggar family idolizes Sarah Mally the author of the book Before You Meet Prince Charming. Her book has been mentioned on the show and at one point she even came to have dinner with the family which was also broadcast. Anyways, she is now 33 and still single. Apparently, some of the Duggar girls may very well be headed down the same path as Ms. Mally. I have no problem with someone being single in their thirties. What I take issue with is someone who has written a book about how to prepare for marriage then never bothers to get married themselves.

  • Nea

    Does nobody within the movement ever raise that question, that they’re taking marriage advice from the unmarried? Or does it matter more that she reinforces what they already believe rather than she lives her own advice?

  • Nea

    If they said “just two or three” and they’re on #3, then they haven’t necessarily changed their minds. The spacing (or lack thereof) seems to be very quiverful, though.

  • Mayara

    Nea, I’d say that they believe everything you need to know is on the Bible, and that any experience you have to LIVE to get is wordly and not worthy of, well, anything.

  • texcee

    I can relate to this. My mother was the youngest of 10 children and her older siblings were married and having children when she was still a toddler. My brother and I are roughly the same age as our second cousins. My oldest first cousin is nearly 30 years older than I am and her son was born the same year that I was.

  • madame

    I don’t think that having 3 children pretty close together is a sign of quiverfull. Mine are 19 and 26 months apart. We are definitely not QF.

  • Persephone

    To add to other comments:

    They are completely not self-supporting. When the show first started, they were living in a tiny tract home, dependent on their parents’ help and donations from others. They didn’t even have a reliable car, despite owning the car lot.

    I have read that they make $185,000 an episode, and all the travel and adventures they go on are paid for by the production company or comped for advertising.

    I have read several accounts that the Duggars will regularly expect freebies for showing up at a business, especially with a camera in tow, even though nothing was arranged beforehand.

    Any person that does blanket training is evil and should be punished, but the Duggars advocate it.