Jack Schaap Gets 12 Years in Federal Prison

Jack Schaap Gets 12 Years in Federal Prison March 20, 2013

Guessing that all those identical letters from IFB Schaap followers didn’t help him much after the FBI called them  “ Sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” in the sentencing memorandum.

Apparently the federal sentencing guidelines for this crime are recommended to be 14 years so the judge added on 2 years to the plea agreement sentencing recommendation because he was uncomfortable giving 4 years below that guideline. No word on how many years he will actually be required to serve before coming up on patrol or which federal facility he will be incarcerated at.

I hope the IFB members issuing death threats and just generally harassing the victim and her family will stop now. Enough damage has been done and there are no winners here.

Will add links as various media outlets report in.

ABC TV Chicago – Jack Schaap, ex-Indiana pastor of mega church gets 12 years for teenage sex

Chicago Magazine – Jack Schaap Will Serve 12 Years for Sex with a Minor

Hammond Community.Net – Schaap sentences to 12 years for sexual relationship with teen parishoner

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  • texcee

    I hear they just LOVE child molesters in prison.

  • The prison officials will probably have to keep him living in solitary to keep him unmolested. Child molesters are considered the lowest on the prison hierarchy and movable targets. He might be about to find out what sex against your own will is like.

  • FB

    Listen to the what experts are saying about being in jail. Texcee and Calulu, you have no idea and this girl was hardly a child. I am against what this man did totally, juts hate when people speak what they know not!

  • Phatchick

    All the same, he’s going to be in for a LOT of trouble when he goes in. I wonder if he’ll claim martyrdom?

  • aidensgram

    FB, have you ever to an IBF church? Have you ever experienced the emotional, mental and often times the physical abuse? Not to mention the spiritual abuse. And you can’t talk to the pastor because he’ll tell you it’s your fault. You can’t imagine the horrible things that happen in private. Surely you’re not speaking about something you don’t know.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    If anyone deserves to be punished, it is scumbags like this who use their unchecked authority to abuse and manipulate vulnerable people. And since abusers (sexual and others) are so rarely held accountable, it is good to see the justice system work once in a while.

    That being said, pretty much everything about the prison system horrifies me. Solitary confinement is tantamount to torture as far as I’m concerned and nobody, NOBODY should be raped. Ever. And I’m more than a little disturbed to see the apparent glee of some commenters over the prospect of him being subjected to these things. This will not stop more kids from being hurt, people. Mixed feelings here…

  • Nea

    If you are against what he did “totally,” why throw in the gratuitous comment about the victim? Especially one that implies the crime against her wasn’t as bad as his punishment will be?

    The victim was a child in the eyes of the law. The law has sentenced him according to its writing. Considering that Schaap theoretically believes in both divine law, holy judgement, and eternal punishment, he shouldn’t be that surprised that the Earthly law also judges and presumably should find some comfort in knowing that unlike hell, prison will only cost him a dozen years.

  • I don’t approve sexual abuse no matter where it comes from. Just making the point that he’s now in a situation where he will be powerless and unable to control what happens to him. That alone is going to be a horrible thing for Schaap, even if nothing happens to him. Someone used to controlling and manipulating many others must find losing all control to be hell.

    When I first graduated from college my first ‘real’ job was as a social worker in a state penitentiary, am very informed as to what can happen behind bars. Have seen all around the US that the stats on IFB pastors that comment sexual improprieties seems to be right up there with the Catholic priests that molest altar boys. It’s plain old wrong.

  • Chris J.

    He will serve all 12 years in prison. There is no parole in Federal prison like there in in may states systems. Don’t worry, he will be behind bars the entire sentence.

  • Chris J.

    He will serve all 12 years in prison. There is no parole in Federal prison like there is in may states systems. Don’t worry, he will be behind bars the entire sentence.

  • Mayara

    Now, if someone gave me books to read while in solitaire, it would feel more like a reward than punishment. I know it’s not the case, but it would be interesting 😛

  • Betty Crux

    …I’m assuming this means he’ll be required to register as a sex offender?

  • Just like many other IFB pastors…

  • texcee

    Exactly how is it that you have come to the conclusion that I know nothing of what happens in prison?

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Glad to hear we’re on the same page and sorry if I jumped to any conclusions! I am often horrified at how common and acceptable the whole “rapists should be raped in prison” attitude is and so maybe I’m a little hair-trigger.

    I’d be curious to see some of those stats on IFB pastors vs. Catholic priests. Why do you think we hear so much about the latter and so little about the former? I don’t think a lot of people in American even know what “IFB” is unless it’s common to their area, or if they’ve actively sought out the knowledge. More people should know how widespread this stuff is outside the Catholic Church…

  • James

    Schaap was a professor of mine in Bible college. He used to say that his grandfather would tell him not to listen to the wrong head…. Seems Jack forgot grandpa’s advice.

    A question…I read that the 12 yr sentence INCLUDED A 5 year supervised release, does that mean he is out in 7?

  • suzannecalulu

    Federal prison does not shorten sentences apparently. You serve every day of it. The supervised release will be after the twelve years. He’ll always be listed as a sex offender.

  • Editboy McZero

    Why don’t you shut up, idiot.