Laughter Is Good Medicine: Dogma

Laughter Is Good Medicine: Dogma March 25, 2013

Do you get door to door proselytizers for every religion imaginable?

I do, one day last week I had Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and the local very strict version of the IFB, ladies clad in very long skirts with long long hair, earnestly well-scrubbed makeup-less faces eager to tell me about the love of Jesus.

Considering I was very sick last week, sneezing, wheezing and hacking out coughs combined with the fact that I looked like hell and still wore my nightgown well into the day I’m sure they decided I was some sort of unwashed sinner and junkie. That high test codeine cough syrup is enough to make anyone look like the dead walking.

All of that made me laugh at this today….


Still waiting for door to door Bahai and Buddhists to show up!

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  • texcee

    They say that the way to scare off Jehovah’s Witnesses is on Friday night, draw a chalk outline of a body on your front walk, garnish it with ketchup, and toss around a few copies of the Watchtower. 😉

  • Persephone

    I’m not home during the week, so I’m sure a miss quite a few of the proselytizers (I often come home to tracts stuck in my door), but there are a lot of them in my area, too. There’s a high percentage of recent immigrants in my neighborhood and the missionaries love to get hold of them.

    If you really want to get rid of the JWs you can tell them one lie: I’m disfellowshipped. I am disfellowshipped. The rank and file Witnesses are not allowed to talk to you, only the elders, so I only see them about once a year.

  • My parents live on 40 acres with a very long gravel driveway, so the Mormons only make it down there every decade or so. The last time they did while I was there, they ended up walking into a house with a very conservative fundie Lutheran (my mother), a fairly conservative Catholic (my father), the Most Extremely Reform Jew In The World (the spouse), and a UU Pagan (me). It was an entertaining conversation, and I think fairly confusing for the two poor Elders.

    There’s a fairly standard gag in the local Pagan community: if the proselytizers come to the door, answer it in your robe and cord. The JWs and local fundie groups will run away screaming. It doesn’t scare off Mormons, though, since they’re used to ritual clothing, so for them you have to answer skyclad.

  • saraquill

    It amuses me to get JWs knocking at my door, if not the occasional pamphlet. You would think the door to door visitors would get the memo not to go to houses where other Witnesses live.

  • zizania

    Don’t laugh. One of the reasons I finally backed away from being a Baha’i (aside from the whole not-being-able-to-believe-in-god thing) was that they were talking about starting door-to-door teaching. I was horrified. By the way, I got a nice sticker for my front door from the Brights organization. It reads “No Supernatural Ingredients”.