Michelle Duggar Wants a Nice Round Number

Michelle Duggar Wants a Nice Round Number March 26, 2013

Handbag.com today posted a bit of promotion for tonight’s episode of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” involving Michelle Duggar wants another baby.

19 Kids and Counting – Michelle Duggar wants just one more!

| By Katie Park

It’s enough to make your eyes water…

She’s set to become a grandmother for the third time on June 7.

But 19 Kids and Counting Mum Michelle Duggar has revealed that she and her husband Jim Bob still want to add to their extensive brood.

‘Well, I’m 46 years old, and if this is the end for me being able to bear children then that is God’s timing,’ the mother-of-19 told Radar Online.

‘If God saw fit for us to receive another child we would love that and welcome that.’

But Michelle added that she would ‘rejoice no matter where I find myself.’

The entire Arkansas family crammed on stage for the Today Show on Monday to announce that their eldest son Josh was expecting his third child.

‘It is very exciting,’ the 25-year-old father said on the NBC morning programme.

‘It’s fun for Michael and Mackynzie being so close in age and this baby will be, too. We feel very blessed and happy.’

Michelle then said having grandchildren is like the ‘cream on the top of a wonderful sundae!’

The congressman-turned-realtor, Jim Bob, 47, took his large brood on an Asian adventure through Japan and China which was documented for a special airing Tuesday night.

Michelle and her husband of 28 years recently celebrated the third birthday of their youngest daughter Josie, who was born premature.

The last time the Duggars were expecting, Michelle tragically miscarried their daughter Jubilee back 2011.


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  • texcee

    Can she accept that perhaps her body is just worn out from constant childbearing? She lost her last baby and nearly lost the one before, and she herself was in extreme danger during that pregnancy. She hasn’t been pregnant again since 2011 and she’s now 46, probably in perimenopause. What a foolish woman she is to push for another pregnancy and call it “God’s will”.

  • thalwen

    And if the child is born with birth defects because of her age and high risk pregnancy.. for what? A nice round number? Media attention?
    Oh, I forgot, it’s those of us who don’t want children who are the selfish ones.

  • Nea

    I can’t believe I’m defending her, but I don’t see anything in this quote that says she wants another baby so much as welcome one if – and even she admits it’s a fading if – she becomes pregnant again.

    What I find interesting, after reading all the ex-Quiverfull stuff here and on Libby Anne’s blog is her line about rejoicing no matter what. Because I get the impression that the only two acceptable emotions in the fundamentalist world are rejoicing or resignation to God’s will. Period.

  • Red

    Well, I’m glad that she’s resigned to be happy either way. The thing is, it’s easy for her to be happy with “God’s will” because it turns out that God’s will has given her a lifestyle that is very affirmed by her religious community. If she had been infertile (which would put her in the minority, lifestyle-wise, of her religious branch) would she find it so easy to accept this lot with happiness?

    I can’t say for sure how Michelle would have felt about her life had she turned out to be infertile. But my point is, the idea that Quiverfull is all about being happy with whatever God wants—isn’t entirely true. Because they are still WANTING to fit into a certain lifestyle, it’s just different from the mainstream lifestyle. But being outside of the 20-kids lifestyle might be just as hard for a Quiverfull wife as it is for other women to face the prospect of abandoning birth control and having ten more kids than all their friends.

    Just putting it in some perspective.

  • Betty Crux

    As a “selfish” and “rebellious” woman who doesnt want even a SINGLE child, this desire for lucky number 20 is mind-boggling to me.

  • Phatchick

    IMNSHO, the best thing she could do right now is take Jim-Bob to the vet. I happen to know a very good one, who I’m sure, will be happy to give them a discount as a public service.

  • Phatchick, I used to help my granddaddy geld his ponies. I’ll do it for free. Just need alcohol, toenail clippers, some antibiotic gel or powder, dental floss and a needle to stitch the sac back up. Oh, and most important, a team of strong folks to hold him and gag him while I do it….

  • madame

    What else would Michelle Duggar say? Of course she will accept another one, and of course she has to keep wanting more until she’s through with menopause.
    But it’s easy for her to say that, sitting in a paid sofa in her fully built and paid for mansion on a few acres of land. It’s easy for her to say that (and I’m not implying her life is easy!) and make all the average QF mom feel guilty for not rejoicing in their endless fertility, while they work from before dawn-to well past dusk, turning every penny, and never feeling quite on top of everything. Some of these women are living in cramped quarters and wonder where the new addition will fit. Some can’t afford proper medical care. Some don’t have enough of an education to be homeschooling their kids, but still feel they ought to…
    The Duggars can do whatever they want. I just wish they’d shut up!

  • Six

    Honestly, I have to wonder how many women have died/will die in childbirth or pregnancy, trying to follow her “example”.

  • Independent Thinker

    Michelle gives a statement about growing her family on the exact same day the her reality TV show airs. That was timed well. Maybe ratings are down this season.

  • saraquill

    I’m most bothered by the last line of the article. If you are a Duggar, not even being miscarried will prevent you from being offered up to the media for money and attention.

  • Rae

    On one hand, her body, her choice, but on the other hand… if they’re so very pro-life, then shouldn’t they be concerned about the fetus, too? If having an abortion is equivalent to murder, then if you have sex knowing that a resulting fetus will be in great danger and will probably die, wouldn’t that be equivalent to criminally negligent homicide?

  • madame

    They don’t believe they have any responsibility in that matter. Their job is to have sexual intercourse with no barriers and God will take care of the rest.