News Links: Saturday March 23, 2013

News Links: Saturday March 23, 2013 March 23, 2013

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Is Fred Phelps gay? That might explain his obsession with the military and homosexuality – The Huffington Post –

From Sojourners Adam Eriksen “Top 4 Reasons Jesus is My Favorite Feminist” –

RHRealityCheck’s Robin Marty – They Are Coming For Your Birth Control –

Sometimes the Religious Right does the most obvious things and then pretends anyone noticing this is the one in the wrong. Keep in mind this entire series was vetted and had enormous input from some of the top Christian ministries. From Buzz Feed, History Channel’s Satan Looks A Lot Like Barack Obama –

During Sunday’s ‘Vote For Marriage NC’ event Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church told his listeners to punch their little boys whenever they behaved in a feminine manner. From Yahoo’s Shine “Pastor Urges Parents to Punch Boys Who Act ‘Girly.’ Why Are We so Uncomfortable About Kids Who Challenge Gender Norms?” –;_ylt=A2KJ3CYYZi5R5TYAauUhmolQ

Fighting creationism being taught in all of Louisiana’s school the scientific community is finally making some progress. WWL TV’s “Evolving Louisiana’s Classrooms From Creationism” –

Rob Bell comes out and states the obvious, that marriage equality is here and the church had better get over it. From Huffington Post “Rob Bell Comes Out For Marriage Equality” –

Rick Wiles from TruNews is claiming that God had a hand in making sure no one on the set of “The Bible” realized that Satan looked like Obama just so a greater truth could be revealed to America –

Sexual abuse under the guise of spiritual teachers happens in the Buddhist community as well as the many Christian communities off America – From XOJane –

Looks like Pope Francis might be a bit different than Pope Benedict on the issues of priests molesting children. Let’s hope so. From Huffington Post –

Pat Robertson of CBN is warning viewers of the “700 Club” about scammers using religion and the Bible to steal money from them. This just two days after he said that even bankrupt viewers should continue to give to his ministry so that they could be blessed. From The Raw Story –

David Barton of Wallbuilders, an Evangelical Christian organization that tries to reframe most of history to fit in a neat tidy Evangelical/Quiverfull box tried to justify the murder of Native Americans. From Right Wing Watch –

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