Quoting Quiverfull: Adoption & The Duggars?

Quoting Quiverfull: Adoption & The Duggars? March 27, 2013

by Michelle Duggar in ET’s “The Duggars Considering Adoption”

“The kids are definitely pushing towards wanting us to open our home up to another child or more,” Michelle says. “They see how much we have been blessed with and how little so many children have and they want to share. We tell our children that would have to be something that is God’s will for our family, and we will see if it is. Our children love children, and we all do.”

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  • texcee

    It’s not about opening their home to children who are less fortunate than the Duggars, it’s about Michelle punching out another kid to revamp their TV ratings and income. The Duggars don’t care about children. They are publicity hogs who have found a way to get rich and stay rich by living off their kids. They are truly disgusting people.

  • suzannecalulu

    Teecee. I posted this because I am curious about this. I know they are Bill Gothard followers and if I remember correctly Billy-Boy says adopting children is taking on someone else’s problems and demons. He is against adoptions at all.

  • Persephone

    That’s the first thing I thought of. I know they’ve set up their own personal, family-only church, so I’m wondering if this is their way to get around the Gothardist dogma.


    A lot of people have made comments online at many sites wondering why, if the Duggars are so into kids and have all this money, they don’t adopt. Of course, the Duggars can’t out and out say that they would never adopt a child because of the attached sin, but if they talk about it a bit, here and there, maybe they think they’ll be less likely to lose their audience when Michelle can’t pop a new one out of her wrecked body.

  • Angelica

    Bill Gothard says that adopting children is wrong because it’s taking on someone’s else’s demons and problems? Aren’t we all adopted children of God? What an evil man.

    And…. what are the Duggars going to do when their kids are all grown up and their house is empty? How devoid of purpose are they going to be then?

  • texcee

    Oh, but there’ll be 587 grandchildren by then! (Sorry, the Duggars bring out extreme snarkiness in me.)

  • saraquill

    What agency would pair children with the Duggars? Sure, they have money and space, but how can they be sure that the family doesn’t want more children just for the attention?

  • Bunnie

    In some weird way I understand a little of what Michelle is going through. The difference is that I have had six pregnancies in six years and have two children and didn’t start trying until I turned 37.

    First pregnancies are scary because of the lack of control you have over your body. Once you’ve gone through it, you have a new respect for your female body and what it can do. So naturally you want to try again. Once my body got set up to have children, felt like the Mommy Alien from the movie ‘Aliens’. It really seemed I was meant to pop them out. Suddenly there was a point to sex besides just getting off. I was on a hormonal high. When I crashed after a birth or a miscarriage I was dead set on getting pregnant again no matter what the cost to our finances or our other children born 17 months apart.

    I”m grateful, of course, to have had an easy time of conceiving when so many women younger than me struggle with IVF and infertility. But I also understand the sense of shock that your body, which was your partner in birthing, has decided it has had enough even when your mind and will are set on having more. My ‘magic number’ was originally 4 children, then 3 to balance my husband’s desire for only 2 babies. Stopping at two children seems unnatural to me because I’ve invested 25 years in this dream. So I guess Michelle’s magic number is 20.

    I hope they decide against adoption simply for the sake of giving their living children all they need.

  • Guinea Pig

    I don’t watch the Duggar’s show, so I have to go from what I heard from others who have. But based on what someone said, the ‘working/chores’ schedule & responsibilities for the kids are out of control, & how it was *beyond* grueling & inappropriate, even forcing their children to clean their (The parent’s) bedroom & change the sheets, ect, every single morning.

    A large family *does* need rules & responsibilities not to fall into chaos, but this case goes too far. Not only do they make money from their children by putting them on television, but also use them as a built-in workforce of maids/employees. Chores are not wrong for children, but there are limits.

  • Rae

    And the possibly even more important question, do Michelle and JimBob have the time to devote to integrating an adopted child into their family? I’d guess that the answer is “no” considering that they still have what, 16-18 of their children living at home? And that the young children are cared for not by their parents, but by older siblings?

  • madame

    I hope any agency they approach (if they do decide to try) has the wisdom to turn them down on account of their super strict child-rearing methods and their involvement with TV. Sure, many celebrities have adopted, but they don’t make their money by putting said children on national (and international) TV!!

  • madame

    The case of Lydia Schatz comes to mind. Her adoptive parents also believed they were ministering to her by opening their “happy and blessed home” to the sisters, but their approach to discipline and their view of children blinded them to the girls’ needs and set them up to abuse the girls.

  • Lots of agencies if they have the cash. You’d be surprised how unregulated private adoption really is.

  • ruth

    i think that the duggars don’t care about their children michelle duggars is very bad mum i am hand on mum and i do work has a care for my very husband

  • ruth

    i do work has a carer for my very ill husband who need 24 hours care and i don’t have any money to lookafter my husband the only person who help me is my son who is 14 years old and i don’t any thing from the uk groverment to help me to lookafter him